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by Curtis Brereton5th October 2015

Not only have they been taking the social media world by storm for many, but now Facebook are attempting to take over the digital assistant universe with the all new Facebook M.


The social networking giants are experimenting with an all new service within Facebook messenger that the creators believe will make a bigger and better impact than all of its close rivals. M will even be able to complete complex tasks for its user.

The Siri-Like digital personal assistant introduces a new kind of artificial intelligence, on the same sort of page as the technology which powers Apple’s Siri, but intending to go further still. M’s creators believe that the combination of Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google’s Google Now will make the digital assistant that much better for its users than its rivals ever can be.

Like Siri, M can give its users recommendations on almost anything, from places to wine and dine (or to be wined and dined) based on your current location, to picking a gift for a friend or a loved one. But it doesn’t just stop there. No, M has gone one step further, by actually booking the reservations for its user and actually having the gift delivered.

Facebook’s vice president of messaging products, David Marcus, indicated that a test would be taking place by posting a message via the social networking giant.

David announced that M will actually be able to find information and complete tasks on the user’s behalf. “It can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more” he added.

Our sources where later told that only a few hundred users will undergo an update and have a beta version of ‘M’ to use and test. Eventually the full version will be rolled out to all messenger users. For all human input, the organization has a group of trainers sitting with Facebooks professional engineers to answer any questions raised in an appropriate manner.

The main aim for the networking empire is to make their messenger the central point for all mobiles.

However, Facebook is at a slight disadvantage by attempting to give this service on mobiles as they do not currently have their own operating system. As a result of this the user has to download an app and launch it in order to use M.

But will they let that small hiccup stop them?

Facebook hope to make up for this by attempting to create a virtual assistant so powerful that it becomes the first stop for anybody looking to buy or do anything.

“We start capturing all of your intent for the things you want to do,” said Marcus, “intent often leads to buying something, or to a transaction, and that’s an opportunity for us to [make money] over time.”

So in short if M can give their users a better, more efficient service, then it can defiantly give its competitors a run for their money. This will also open up the avenue for boosting the amount of Facebook users which would eventually bring a rise in revenue from the transactions made.

Facebook have already more than tripled the amount of user’s messenger had to over 700 Million, so who knows what the future will hold?

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