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Three New Adwords Features You Want to Know About

Three New Adwords Features You Want to Know About

by Ben Wittams-Smith17th June 2015

Whether you’re using Adwords to advertise your own business, or are an optimiser working on behalf of a wide range of clients, you can gain a lot of value and save time by using the new features Google has added to Adwords to make life easier.

Below are some of the newest features added to Adword’s ever growing arsenal of marketing tools:


1. Custom Columns

Custom columns allow advertisers to select segments of existing metrics and add these as permanent columns at campaign and ad group level.

This gives optimisers greater control over the data they have easily at hand, and allows them to cater the metrics that they are viewing to their specific marketing objectives.

For example, you can create a column which shows:

  • number of clicks for desktop computers
  • number of conversions for mobile devices
  • number of phone-call conversions from mobile devices

This in-depth level of customisation, will really save time when reviewing campaign performance.

At the moment it is only possible to save 5 column sets – so choose your customised columns wisely.


2. Call-only Ads

The option of creating ads that drive phone-call conversions (and phone-call conversions only) is a major benefit if your objective is to get leads on the phone as quickly as possible.

These leads may be less qualified than if they had clicked through regular ads, as with call-only ads, they haven’t had a chance to read about your services on your website before calling (users are not able to access your site by click on your ads). Offline tracking can help to confirm whether or not this is the case however.

Advertisers are charged per click with these types of ads, not per phone call. So if the user hangs up before the call gets through, you’ll still be charged.


3. Limited Time Offers

Creating ads which promote limited time offers to users can vastly improve your click-through-rate. It is a new feature that allows you to create ads with a count-down timer, which creates a sense of urgency for users as they can see there is only a limited amount of time to take advantage of whatever discount or  deal being offered.

These new ads are easy to setup – with options for selecting when the count-down begins and ends:


Doing this manually would be so time consuming it would almost not be an option – and creating new ads each time would make it more difficult to gauge the overall effectiveness of the new ads.


4. App Promotion Ads

These new ads drive downloads for your app. More and more businesses are choosing to create an app, to either benefit their customers, give information to new prospects, or as product within itself. More and more people are turning to apps for the information that they need – in 2014 more time was spent on apps than on desktop computers.


These new ad types designed for mobile devices are a great way of acquiring new users for your app and as a consequence generating new prospects for your business, and are therefore well worth looking into.

Which new feature is most useful to you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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