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Analysing the impact of engaging content

Analysing the impact of engaging content

by Samir4th August 2014

In the SEO world, one doctrine has come to define the manner in which millions of marketers and webmasters across the world shape their endeavours and conduct; content is king. For what is the value of high-cost PPC campaigns, well-targeted social media initiatives, keyword bidding and service optimisation if the material on your company site to promote its actual products is stale, monotonous, uninformative and poorly presented?

All involved within SEO will be fully aware of the value of high quality content marketing and the evolution of Google’s search engine in the past few years has meant that the relevancy, quality and engagingness of content released on a site is directly related to the eventual ranking it will achieve for the search terms it is targeting. Moreover, Google requires that businesses release regular new content on their sites each day discussing industry subject matters in order to raise their rankings and improve their authority within their niches. A clear sign of how well a new piece of content has performed is the number of shares it receives via email, social media platforms or on the phone. And whilst many browsers and readers of the content will not place any particular importance to the onsite pages collating to the number of shares an article has received, the actual figure is integral to marketing companies and prospective industry leaders to their SEO campaigns.


Why are widely-shared articles important to SEO?

All businesses which market themselves adeptly will have a clearly defined content strategy which involves releasing new articles and expert guides each day on their websites in order to raise the profile of their brand across the globe and establish themselves as an authority within their industry. The aim of releasing this content on a regular basis and promoting it is to raise levels of inbound traffic to the site and establish a loyal following that regularly visit their site and subsequently improve their profile as well. The higher the engagement, the greater the organic traffic, the higher the evitable rankings the company receives.

As with many things, content writers seek to achieve a ‘domino effect’ with their articles; this involves their article being shared a handful of times on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and then getting widespread global coverage as other readers in these places appreciate the contents value and share it again. Eventually, many businesses manage to acquire a chain of readers across the globe which are often involved within their industry and access their content regularly in order to provide them with advice and help about matters within their business.

The merits of this is immeasurable to companies seeking to enhance awareness of their brand worldwide, though it is the knock-on effect of establishing a loyal audience which is the most impact of producing content which is regularly shared. In essence, but building up your reputation and expertise within your industry, you are raising your chances of other companies and individuals within your industry sharing a link to your site on their social media profiles. Over time, this number of inbound links to your site could soar if you develop a strong content strategy with ‘shareable’ articles each day, and eventually Google will pick this up and subsequently rank you higher for search terms related to your niche.

As such, establishing a strong social media strategy to supplement your content marketing strategy is integral to establishing a loyal audience, enhancing awareness of your brand worldwide, raising your rankings and acquiring regular customers, and you will need to ensure that you optimise both the quality of your content and the way it is promoted on social media profiles in order to give yourself the best chance of achieving these aims.

The possibly are endless; by releasing share-worthy, high quality content each day on social media profiles which encourage and promote engagement from interested readers, you can ensure that your business expands its brand reputation and acquires organic links without too much effort at all.


How to optimise your content for maximal shares

There is no clearly defined manner in which to structure and write the content on your site to make it ‘shareable’, though there are certain steps you can take in order to improve your chances of an article generating a buzz. These include:

  • Using an engaging title. By choosing a title which instantly captures the attention of browsing readers, you can at least ensure that a larger number of people who are not familiar with your company click through to the content page and give it a read.As human’s we are all prone to curiosity and as such using titles which instantly convey the impression of intrigue and expertise is invaluable to obtaining new visitors to your site.
  • Customise your articles towards your target audience. Ultimately, whilst higher levels of traffic are the aim of all marketers, the composition of the traffic a site is receiving is far more important and as such aiming content at a more narrow audience could be more beneficial than applying universality into the themes of the articles. By writing articles aimed at people in your industry, you are ensuring that your traffic is filtered down to those who are more likely to come back or covert to paying customers.
  • Make your articles easy to read, but don’t remove jargon. You should structure your content into clear subheadings or bullet points so that the reader isn’t instantly deterred by its appearance. Finding the right balance between jargon and readability is essential to establishing a loyal following from within your industry, and you should experiment with different releases in order to determine how you will do this.
  • Use info graphs, images and videos. These will instantly making your articles more appealing, and will raise its chances of being shared compared to a similar piece of content without these types of media included.
  • Post new content on and from your site each day in order to acquire organic links on a regular basis. This will enhance your domain authority immeasurably as Google begins to pick up on how much interaction you are garnering on a regular basis
  • Keep your style of writing the same. This is important because the people who read your content everyday would likely do so because they have developed affection for your writing, and changing the subject matter, style and formatting of your pages will stand to lose you more than you gain.

It is also imperative that you are patient with your content strategies and put a greater amount of importance to the long-term effects of your shared content. Yes, paying writers to produce content for your page and doing this on a regular basis might necessitate a considerable outlay. However, the value of establishing a loyal following and enhancing your brand across the globe far outweighs this. Staying patient with your content marketing and being consistent will ensure that you generate far more leads in the long term, which is ultimately what you are seeking to achieve from all marketing measures. If your content doesn’t generate a buzz or get shared immediately, but you believe in its value and usefulness, then persevere and continue writing new material as Google will never stop assessing it and using its status to influence your ranking.

Above all, make sure that you have links at the bottom of your article for them to share it immediately in certain places; we recommend having a ‘share’ tab which sends links of articles via email, a Facebook share tab, a Twitter share tab and a Google+ share, all of which can send links of your content to other places within a matter of seconds.

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