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Instagram Opens Up As A New Advertising Platform

Instagram Opens Up As A New Advertising Platform

by Ben Wittams-Smith8th June 2015

Instagram could be the next big opportunity for advertisers looking to increase their exposure through social media

Instagram will soon be opening up a new platform for both big and small advertisers to begin promoting to its users.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Instagram are creating these new opportunities, especially as it is owned by Facebook, one of the largest paid search platforms next to Google.

Instagram have experimented with offering a paid search solution to advertisers in the past, but kept these opportunities exclusive to large companies like L’Oreal and Old Navy while testing.


Just like Facebook Ads

Their new advertising platform will integrate with Facebook Ads, to allow advertisers to seamlessly setup ad campaigns in a way that is already familiar to them.

To this effect, advertisers will have the option of targeting users based on their demographics; their interests; and information that advertisers have on them that can be leveraged for retargeting purposes.

In addition to this, there will be an API released through which new ads can be purchased and tracked programatically. This feature will however only be available to a select few advertisers, initially.


A massive opportunity for marketers

Instagram has more than 300 million active users at any given month, which equates to a massive potential reach for advertisers.

Facebook and Instagram campaigns can be combined to improve their effectiveness, as users move from one social platform to another.

It is however important to keep in mind that Facebook is a separate platform to Instagram, and that how users behave on one may not necessarily translate to how they behave on another.

That said, there is still a huge opportunity to capitalise on the reach offered by Instagram, and many advertisers will likely jump at the chance.

Will you be using Instagram to promote any of your products or services? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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