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Google Trends Now Provides Data for Trending Topics on Youtube and Google News

Google Trends Now Provides Data for Trending Topics on Youtube and Google News

by Ben Wittams-Smith18th June 2015

It is the biggest expansion since the year 2012, and Google trends will now be giving users access to real-time data on trends in Youtube and Google News

Google have announced on their official blog, the data presented in Google trends is based on the more than 100 billion searches made through Google’s properties each month.

As Google explains: “You’ll be able to track the stories most people are searching for and where in the world interest is peaking,” writes Google Trends team member Nimrod Tamir, “Explore this data by selecting any time range in the last week from the date picker.”


By combining the data from Google search, Google News, and Youtube, users will now have access to a much more accurate picture of what is trending online. As Google puts it, it increases the “breadth and coverage” of the information that is tracked, an allows for a more in-depth look at which topics are trending in both large and small areas of the world.


Google is publishing data-sets for specific subjects on its Github page



Google has also created a new story-centric homepage


The new homepage has been launched in 28 different countries and will be rolled though out the world within the next few months.

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