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Calls for historic ‘Search Congress’ grow as SEO authorities head to Vegas over creation of marketing code of ethics

Calls for historic ‘Search Congress’ grow as SEO authorities head to Vegas over creation of marketing code of ethics

by Samir7th October 2014

In an attempt to devise and implement a nationally, and perhaps eventually universally used and enforced search engine marketing code of ethics, the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organisation (SEMPO) are currently in the process of inviting prominent members of the SEO community to the first ever “Search Congress”.

An initial discussion to set up the conference has been pencilled in by SEMPO in the bright lights of Pubcon, Las Vegas, with the topic of implementing a concrete code of SEO ethics within the U.S.A set to dominate proceedings.

In order to attend the conference, an individual or a business must receive an official nomination from a member of the SEO community, such as from a regional association, online community or industry authority.

To elaborate on which organisations are eligible to elect delegates to the conference, Sempo identified the following conditions:

  • Organisations which self-identify as working in search engine marketing in some way
  • Organisations which have been running for at least 12 months
  • Organisations which have a minimum of 10 dues-paying members
  • Organisations which already have by-laws
  • Organisations whose main scope of business is within the U.S.A
  • Active SEMPO local groups that are over 12 months old

Organisations which fail to adhere to the requirements specified above are able to despatch their own company representatives to the introductory meeting, though they will not possess any voting power that the delegates will enjoy.

The Search Congress itself is provisionally expected to happen at some point next year, though the time and venue have yet to be decided. The pre-cursor meeting will take place in the Pubcon, Las Vegas between the 6th and 9th of October,

Solidarity the key to success

Whilst SEMPO are the driving force behind the scheduling of the potential conference next year, the organisation are keen to promote that the initiative for introducing an industry code of ethics is one that can only succeed if implemented on a grass root level and devised by a ‘variety of groups’.

“A search engine marketing code of ethics won’t work unless it has broad adoption from a variety of groups in the industry,” said Tony Wright, VP of Communications for SEMPO. Wright is spearheading the organizational efforts for the inaugural Search Congress.

“Everyone has different opinions about what a search engine marketing code of ethics should contain. The only way to create a code of ethics that will work is to ensure those people who are interested have buy-in and there is a fair way to enforce the code of ethics once it is ratified. SEMPO can’t do that alone. It’s going to take the effort of many different people of diverse opinions and backgrounds to make this work.”

Future updates about the time and place of the proposed Search Congress will be put up at If you are interested in sending a representative from your organisation to get involved with the voting process, you should also access this page in order to determine your company’s eligibility.

Who are SEMPO?

SEMPO is non-profit organisation which functions to serve and improve the state of the search marketing industry. Its primary aim is to create a basis for growth within the industry by raising awareness, establishing closer industry relationships, educating digital businesses, conducting research on industry matters and enhancing the reputation and image of SEO organisations.

SEMPO is comprised of multiple thousands of people in the search marketing industry, spread over a staggering 50 countries. The organisation itself has repeatedly identified that their main goal is to represent the mutual interests of businesses and marketers across the globe and supply them with a voice in the worldwide market. For further information about them and whether they can help you, check out:


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