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Bing technology correctly predicts 95% of U.S Senate & Governor Election results

Bing technology correctly predicts 95% of U.S Senate & Governor Election results

by Ben Wittams-Smith10th November 2014

It appears that you can call Bing Nostradamus after their predictive technology correctly forecasted 95% of the eventual results from the Senate, House of Representatives and Governor Election in the U.S

In the most frightening display of where technology is moving yet, Bing Predict called 34 of the 35 final results in the battle for Senate Seats, 419 of the 435 results for the House of Representatives and 33 of the 36 results in the race for Governor Seats.

This is despite the fact that the final outcome of the election battles were actually heavily debated on American shores before they took place and there was little evidence to draw on in order to make such seismically accurate predictions.

The company’s technology made their predictions on the basis of search, social, consumer and other marketing information in order to make the predictions – producing stunning results which had opened up fresh questions about Bing’s competitiveness in the search industry and future prospects as a market leader.


A statement from Bing confirmed their success in this area, and highlighted that they had actually outstripped a number of official and reputable forecasters: “We weren’t perfect but we are proud to report that we got it right in more than 95% of the races – and we did better head-to-head than renowned forecasters including Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight”.

Whilst Bing’s success in predicting the majority of election results with their predictive technology does not change that they are currently being decimated in the search landscape by Google, it is still an impressive feat which has garnered widespread respect and attention from the consumer world. If Bing is to compete with Google, it will need to utilise Microsoft’s tech savvy in order to continually introduce innovative and distinctive features to their search engine – because the reality is that the funding is no longer there to try and beat Google at its own game. The departure of Duane Forrester last month from the Bing Team and Microsoft’s Director of Search’s assertion that they no longer feel they can compete directly with Google seem to affirm this, though the increased publicity and positive PR that they attract from such successes as this should serve as a reminder to the company that there are different ways of reaching the top and getting a bigger market share.

For their part, Bing have identified that they intend to move forward with their usage of their flagship predictions technology, seeking to make bolder predictions in the future, such as: The NBA Playoffs results, NFL game predictions and Dancing with the Stars winners.



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