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Bing Achieves a 20 Percent Share of the US Search Market

Bing Achieves a 20 Percent Share of the US Search Market

by Ben Wittams-Smith16th April 2015

Bing have managed to grab a larger share of the market, while Google and Yahoo are at a slight loss


Going by comScore’s records, Bing have managed to reach a new milestone by increasing their US market share to 20 percent. This increase is at the expense of both Google and Bing’s Search Alliance partner Yahoo.



Has the Search Alliance Backfired?


Back in May of 2009 (around the time the Search Alliance was first set up) Yahoo was in a similar position to where Bing is today. Since then their positions have effectively reversed, leaving a bad taste in Yahoo’s mouth. The Search Alliance does not appear to have benefited to the veteran search engine as much as initially hoped.

With negotiations between Bing and Yahoo continuing with regard to whether or not the Search Alliance will remain, it seems this is development will only serve to add more fuel to the fire.

Yahoo has been testing non-Bing powered search results, and is likely looking for an alternative solution to the current relationship that exists with Bing. However creating a solution from scratch will likely prove extremely expensive and will require a long set up time.



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