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Are You Ready for The New SEO Tool That Will Disavow Your Toxic Links Faster Than Ever Before?

Are You Ready for The New SEO Tool That Will Disavow Your Toxic Links Faster Than Ever Before?

by Philip Armstrong5th June 2015 has Released a Tool That Will Help SEO’s Defend Against Link Spam and Google Penalties

Every SEO and website owner’s worst nightmare is getting the message that they’ve been hit by a Google penalty.

Both negative SEO and spammy link-building strategies from low quality providers can threaten the long-term ranking of a website within the search engines.

With the birth of’s, a new revolutionary tool that quickly and effectively disavows poor quality and spammy links, these nightmares could become a thing of the past.


How Does Work?

It helps to know first what a disavow file is, and how the reconsideration process works.

Whenever a website is hit by a Google penalty, the webmaster has the opportunity to supply Google with a disavow file which indicates which backlinks the webmaster wants removed from their record. The disavow file is submitted through Search Console, previously known as Webmasters Tools. Google will then discount these specific links from the webmaster’s link profile, and their website’s penalty may be lifted.


Knowing which links from which sites to disavow can be tricky however. It helps to know which sites are deemed to be “spammy” from the perspective of Google, but Google won’t always make it obvious which links need to be removed, making the disavow process long and arduous.

This is where comes in:

By sharing information from the disavow files of thousands of other Webmasters, can tell you:

  • Which websites other webmasters are choosing to add to their disavow files – allowing you to cross reference this list with your own backlink profile
  • If your own website’s domain is showing up in other Webmasters disavow files
  • Research any domain and see how often that domain has been disavowed, along with other metrics that help to gauge the trustworthiness of that domain

The service is free to use. All you need to do is upload your disavow file and you will be supplied with information on the websites within your file.

The process is 100% anonymous and your identity is be kept safe.

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