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Alternatives to Using the Google Adwords Search Network

Alternatives to Using the Google Adwords Search Network

by Philip Armstrong17th February 2015

Alternatives to Using the Google Adwords Search Network

One of the biggest criticisms of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is that it can be very expensive. Cost-per-clicks in Adwords can be as high as £40 for the most competitive niches, and without a well-optimised campaign an advertiser can end up wasting a lot of their marketing budget without getting much of a return on their investment.

Added to this, advertisers will quite often use the Google Adwords platform for purposes that it was not designed for, like building brand awareness.

There are many different paid advertising platforms available, each of which can market your business or website in a different way. Depending on your marketing objectives, the Adwords Search Network may not be the best option for you.

For each of the different marketing objectives below, we have listed the best PPC platforms to use:


Brand Awareness


With an Ad on Facebook users will see your banner ad, but you don’t pay per impression, you pay per click. This allows you to get exposure for your brand or logo without having to pay. If they click through and like your Facebook page, then you will have a genuine follower who will be continually exposed to the content of your Facebook page, and who may share your page with friends.


Twitter Advertising has a £5000 minimum spend, which makes it useful only to large brands. With Twitter Advertising, you can either pay each time you gain a follower, or pay each time a user engages with one of your tweets (retweeting, replies, or follows). Targeting works by selecting the audiences of other Twitter accounts that are similar to yours that you would like to market to.

Google Display Network

Choose the websites you want to advertise on to reach your target audience. You can opt to pay-per-click, so if a user does not click through to your website, you don’t pay. This gives you the opportunity to get exposure for your brand.


Create an advert and present it to Youtube viewers before they watch their selected video. One advantage is that if people do not watch your advert for longer than five seconds, then you do not have to pay… This loophole allows you to get your brand out there without necessarily having to pay. Ideal if you can fit your branded message in before the 5 second mark.


Content Promotion/ Increase Readership


Ideal for content based websites/ businesses, like news sites, review sites etc, which do not already have an organic following. A website may have amazing content, but without a bit of marketing, no one will find it. This lets you get the word out. Outbrain works by displaying other website’s content, as a sponsored story or link on large news sites such as the Guardian, Times, CNN etc. Even if your website is not completely based on content sharing, you can write very insightful useful or controversial content to attract visitors to your website, and to create brand awareness.


Zemanta is an ethical way of generating links for your content and website. When bloggers make blog posts – Zemanta recommends related content to them that they could link to. This enables you to get links in an ethical way – building your link profile for SEO. Also you can get referral traffic from the links that are created. There is also the option to pay per link created.


People get recommendations of content to read. They can give a thumbs up and this will mean that more people are likely to read/ see your content in the future. However, if they choose to stumble then it is less likely others will see your content in the future. So it is of great benefit to write a piece of content that is highly insightful and sharable. You can pay in the region of 10c per reader, and buy thousands of views for your content. If your content gets a thumbs up then more people will see your content for free.


Lead Generation

Adwords Remarketing:

If you are already using the display network, and someone has visited a page on your website, and you know that having viewed that page you want that person to come back to your website later – then remarketing can help you to achieve this. If a visitor went to your contact page, but did not end up contacting you, then you can design a campaign that works on getting them back to contact you. Generally it has been found that returning visitors are 70% more likely to convert.


Ads are displayed on the Linkedin platform to an audience of your choosing, and you can pay using either a cost-per-click (CPCs are a minimum of $2.00), or cost per 1,000 impressions model. Linkedin Advertising can be very expensive, but there is the other option of InMail. InMail allows you to send emails to Linkedin members that you do not know, and pay only if they reply to you. Linkedin is an extremely powerful platform for lead generation, but with the InMail option, you can also use it for brand awareness.

So if you’re not having an amazing amount of success with the Google Search Network, then you may want to try one of the other PPC platforms available to market your website, service, or product!
Think there’s anything that should be added to this list? Feel free to add it in the comments section below.

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