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4 Reasons Why You NEED to Be Using Linkbait

4 Reasons Why You NEED to Be Using Linkbait

by Philip Armstrong15th May 2015

LinkBaiting is one of the most effective ways of accumulating large numbers of high quality links to boost your site’s rankings

Those of you who are currently having success with your SEO campaigns will likely know very well that creating link bait is one of the leading ways to earn high quality links from interested readers/viewers. For those of you however who are not familiar with this practice, here are four reasons why you need to be using link bait.

But first lets define what linkbait is

Linkbaiting involves creating original, and engaging content that is highly sharable, with the aim of getting other publishers, and readers to link to your content from their websites or other online properties. Linkbait can come in the form of an article, infographic, or video.

The links that your earn will be organic, safe, and some of the highest quality links that you can acquire.

Now onto the reasons why you need to be using this practice:


1. You get one-way links

Your linkbaiting efforts will earn you one-way links (rather than reciprocal links), meaning that you do not need to give a link back to the webmaster that has linked to you. This enables you to retain all of the link juice/PageRankthat is passed onto your site. This is why these links are some of the most valuable that you can acquire.


2. It takes away the need for outreach

Many SEO companies still use outreach as a method for generating backlinks for their clients sites. This involves contacting other website owners and forming relationships with them in order to promote the clients web content and eventually acquire links/citations down the road. This process can be very effective, but also extremely time consuming and laborious.

Linkbaiting allows you to invest your time in being creative, producing high quality content which shows off your knowledge and furthers your image as an authority in your niche.


3. Your linkbait could go viral

By its very nature, linkbait has the potential to go viral. One piece of amazingly sharable and genuinely useful piece of content could earn you hundreds or thousands of high quality links.

At at time when many readers will share anything that they find interesting through their social media accounts, a great piece of content that appeals to a wide audience can go viral very easily.


Linkbaiting is whitehat

Whitehat methods are those that fall within Google’s terms of service, and thus are not likely to get you penalised by either Google’s algorithmic updates, or a manual review.

Linkbaiting won’t negatively impact your websites rankability – so you have nothing to lose!.

Linkbaiting does however require some level of expertise, creativity, and originality to be successful. This makes linkbaiting one of the most difficult forms of SEO.


Sound convincing?

After reading the points in this article, are you convinced that you need to be using linkbait as part of your SEO strategy?

Do you think there are any other reasons that SEOs need to use linkbait? Let us know in the comments below!

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