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Optmyzr Release New Enhanced Scripts Tool – non-programmers can now use Adword’s script

Optmyzr Release New Enhanced Scripts Tool – non-programmers can now use Adword’s script

by Philip Armstrong28th October 2014

If used properly, AdWord’s script can be a monumentally useful tool for automating account administration and report production. The difficulty however comes with devising and regulating this script – a task which can even be daunting for those who have been working with JavaScript for years. The reality is that managing script can be an arduous task, laden with troubleshooting, playing around with JavaScript and a laborious modification procedure that is mentally testing on even the most passionate of programmers.

To provide a solution to this area of difficulty, Optmyzr – an organisation founded by former Google staff to devise tools and reports which make it easier to manage AdWords accounts – has released Enhanced Scripts™, a basic user interface for running Adwords that has emphatically made the complex process of setting up digital advertising automation as easy as filling a form out, with no expertise in coding needed.

To all ad managers, this means no more JavaScript, no more complicated programming, and no more time wasted setting up and managing Adwords scripts. Instead, the entire process can be done for you via their new online interface, which will produce automated reports and apply custom optimisations to your script, without you having to do break a sweat at all.


In order to use the programme, ad managers need to copy and paste an element of static code into each of their Adword’s accounts. The process of customising the settings can then be undertaken via Optmyzr’s website.

“Scripts have saved me a lot of time when doing advanced reports or custom optimizations, but they have also taken a lot of time to maintain, especially when I needed slightly different settings for a script in different accounts. This is a common problem for a lot of account managers and that’s why we created Enhanced Scripts,” says Frederick Vallaeys, CEO of Optmyzr.

The new Enhanced Script is building on the strengths of Optmyzr’s hugely popular AdWords Script provisions, which were hugely useful but were extremely hard for non-coders to use properly. The new Enhanced Script means that far more Ad managers will be logistically capable of automating the creation of ad groups, texts & keywords from ordered data retained in a Google Sheet, and will ensure that it is simpler than ever to make sure AdWords is synchronised with the frequently changing array of products that a marketer is offering.

Optmyzr have identified that their goal is to release new Enhanced Scripts each month. Currently, the following scripts can be acquired:

  • Creating advertisements from a spreadsheet
  • Calculating an account’s quality score
  • Keyword Match Type Report
  • Segmented Date Range Comparison
  • Advertisement Template Text Report
  • Pause Low Quality Score Keywords

For an example of how to utilise the new interface, check out Optmyzr’s video discussing their new Enhanced Scripts programme:

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