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Make your Social Media Campaign flourish!

Make your Social Media Campaign flourish!

by Jordan27th October 2014

The global social media revolution has been nothing short of phenomenal; it has quite simply changed the way that humans interact with one another forever. A study report entitled “Worldwide Social Network Users: Forecast and Comparative Estimates, conducted by eMarketer illuminated this reality; indicating that almost 25% of the planet’s population currently use social networks in some way, totalling over 1.7 billion users. With this figure set to rise progressively each and every year, it is clear to see that social media is here to stay for the long haul.

It can be argued that the emergence of social media platforms into the very grassroots that people interact with each other has created huge opportunities for marketing businesses, who can now expose their brand and their ideas to a global audience, rather than being restricted to dominating their local area. Marketing via social media channels also provides marketers with the ability to target their campaigns towards demographics who are more likely to engage with their material and convert to paying customers, augmenting its worth, whilst the ability to nurture these customers and transform them into a loyal following has made social media marketing a vital component to success in the modern business world.

However, whilst the theory behind using social media networks to make your company a household name might seem easy, the logistics of running a campaign well enough to do so is unfathomably difficult. Your research needs to be meticulous. Your content must always be impeccable. The timings of your post need to be clinical. And above all, you need to have the patience and determination to be able to nurture the people who identify with your brand, through the consistent provision of high-quality material which is relevant and useful to their day-to-day lives.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a graphical insight into the practice of social media marketing, for all those aspiring businessmen out there who are seeking to learn about using these channels to make their way to the top. We have used this formulaic approach as the absolutely minimum to ensure when running a social media campaign, and tend to incorporate additional layers during different campaigns in accordance with the unique industry requirements of the business we are working with.


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About The Author
Jordan Newton is the Creative Manager and Graphic Designer at Just SEO. Seeking to illuminate marketing advice and convey news engagingly, he regularly contributes infographics for our readers to view on all areas of digital advertising.

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