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The Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation

The Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation

by Jordan11th September 2014

Have you ever wondered whilst keying in the latest apple gadget to google how you are presented with such a range of websites? Have you ever wondered why certain pages consistently appear higher than others? It is due to a prevailing, online marketing technique termed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Applying SEO to your website proficiently, and adopting its principles as the basis for your company’s marketing strategy, will place your site above the millions of others found in response to a search query. As such, more traffic is directed to your site, typically resulting in a noticeably higher number of conversions.

The devil’s in the details baby!


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Jordan Newton is the Creative Manager and Graphic Designer at Just SEO. Seeking to illuminate marketing advice and convey news engagingly, he regularly contributes infographics for our readers to view on all areas of digital advertising.

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