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How to Write SEO Content That Pulls in Traffic Like a Vacuum Cleaner: A Check-list for 2015… & 2016!

How to Write SEO Content That Pulls in Traffic Like a Vacuum Cleaner: A Check-list for 2015… & 2016!

by Ben Wittams-Smith2nd June 2015

The SEO landscape has developed greatly over the past decade, with search engines becoming more finely tuned to gauging the various elements that make up a piece of content.

The Quality Update to Google’s algorithm is the latest addition to this and has underlined the fact that ranking in the SERPs, acquiring traffic, and generating interest for a website comes from writing content that is not only well-written, but both original and provocative.

Despite knowing this, many webmasters and content marketers end up producing the same crusty, dull, and lifeless pieces of content that they always have.

It can be easy sometimes to fall back into the old habit of writing content which is designed to be optimised for specific keywords to generate traffic through search engines, and neglecting to commit the passion and fervour that is required to get your audience to really sit up out of their chairs.


To help overcome these lazy writing habits, we’ve come up with the following check-list:


Are You Writing Your Content to Up With The Technological Trends

The face of the internet is constantly changing, and you’re going to need to run fast if you want to keep up:

  • The Mobile Update: Google’s Mobile Friendly update has underlined the importance of catering your web content towards mobile phone users, as they are increasingly making up the majority of searches online. Design your content so that it is easy to read, and loads fast on a smartphone.
  • The Indexing of Apps: Search engines like Google and Bing have started indexing apps and listing them in their SERPs for related search terms. Users are increasingly turning to apps to answer their search queries.
  • The Quality Update: The main takeaway from the Quality Update is the importance of putting your all into every piece of content that you produce, as Google and other SE’s are always developing the way in which they assess quality.
  • Luckily the majority of webmasters and online publishers are getting left behind, so there is the opportunity for you to get ahead in both the SERPs and the minds of your readers.


    Are You Focussing on Recent Developments

    The internet is fluid and is a reflection of the events that are occurring in the real world and as such users expect to see and are served content that is related to recent developments in the subject area that they are searching for.

    Writing about something that people were interested in a week ago, or even a day ago, isn’t going to attract many readers. If you are able to gauge what people care about and write a topical piece on that subject, you’ll find that users will be more engaged by your work.

    Achieving this requires a close connection to your audience, through social media, reading the work of other publishers, and keeping up to date with key developments.


    Are You Appealing to a Wide Audience

    Passion is essential to writing quality content, but it also helps to write on a subject that appeals to a wider audience. If possible, try to find a piece you can create that has the potential to help a large percentage of the audience in your subject area.

    Using SEO as an example, it might be more advantageous to write an article on the subject of Content Marketing rather than one on the subject of Broken Link Building, simply because a greater proportion of SEO connoisseurs are going to have the palate for an article on the former subject.

    Additionally it pays to select a subject area that has great significance for your target audience – something that they’re invested in. Using SEO as an example again, writing about Matt Cutts who is somewhat of a pseudo-celebrity in the world of SEO, can appeal to a very wide audience as many SEO’s have a vested interest in what happens to him.



    By using this check-list to ensure that every piece of content that you create, whether it be an article; video; or inforgraphic, is catered towards mobile device users, a wide audience, and, based around recent developments, you give your content the best chance of attracting high numbers of viewers. Whether the majority of your content is made up of articles, videos, or infographics – it pays to both take into account the current technological trends and the potential reach of your target audience and the subject area you’re producing content about.

    Do you believe there is anything that could be added to this check-list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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