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How to Become a Successful Content Marketer in 2015

How to Become a Successful Content Marketer in 2015

by Ben Wittams-Smith18th May 2015

Content marketing has changed, and in order to remain successful you must also change

Content marketing has changed immensely over the last 5 years, and for the better! Website owners and marketers were often writing spammy content designed with the sole purpose of either ranking their website or selling a product.

Many articles would contain little or no valuable information, acting as more of a doorway to a product or service which would provide the value – but at a price.

With updates to Google’s algorithm, which make it less likely for low quality content to rank high in the SERPs, and users generally becoming more savvy, such methods have become much less effective.

Now in 2015, content marketing has become more of a long-term strategy to build reputation, authority, and trust by providing content that is original, insightful, and useful.


1. Be Current and/or Original

The internet is a fast paced environment that is able to keep up with the developments in the world around us.

I got there first!

A blog post can be written and published within minutes; a Tweet can go out in seconds; and thus there is a constant desire for information that is current and relevant today.

Having the ability to report on developments in your area of expertise, as they happen, is an invaluable asset.

No-one wants to read yesterday’s news, or even last minute’s news for that matter.

Putting in the effort to make sure that you are one of the first to write about a new development in your industry can make the difference between the success or failure of a piece of content you publish.

This can only be accomplished by constantly being at the forefront of what is happening in your niche, and being connected with other experts who can feed you tips of un-coming developments; two things that only come with being a true expert in your field.

I don’t follow trends, I set them!

Another essential part of being a successful content writer is writing truly original content. No-one wants to read yet another rehash of content we’ve all come across before.

For every popular article, there are a thousand like it that are simply regurgitations of the original.

Being creative and writing something which is truly unique can be challenging, but one extremely useful and compelling piece of content can easily be worth a thousand reused articles to you.


2. LinkBait

The term LinkBait sounds disingenuous, but it refers to creating content which is highly shareable due to its quality and relevance.

What makes content shareable?
  • Content that appeals to a wide range of readers in your target market. Writing content that is useful only to a small sub-set of your potential reader-base has its merits, but for LinkBait it is best to target the lowest common denominator.
  • Highly useful content, like tools, guides, quizzes/tests.
  • Content that is shocking/controversial


3. Engagement

Engaging your readers allows you to connect with them, get feedback, and create a community of users that end up creating content on your website for you, through their comments/discussions.

Engage your users by
  • Asking for their opinions + having a comments section
  • Create a Q&A section on your website
  • Provide a forum
  • Using social buttons
  • Allow users to rate your content


Frequency is essential for growing a following of loyal readers are will continually engage, interact and share your content. Having a regular day where you post articles/content, like a “How to Friday” or a “What’s Happening in the World Wednesday” can get users coming back to your site on a recurring basis.



The main difference is today’s online world is that providing something of value to users is the key to succeeding as a content marketer. This does mean that writing quality content has become more of a challenge, but it also means that the internet is becoming more of a meritocracy. If you are truly an expert who has something uniquely valuable to offer people, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to succeed.

Think something needs to be added to this list, let us know in the comments section below

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