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Creating a Quality Adwords Campaign pt.2

Creating a Quality Adwords Campaign pt.2

by Jordan25th September 2014

During our first graphical exploration into the art of PPC, we discussed the use of KPI’s within your paid marketing campaigns. The idea which we were seeking to establish was that KPI’s are a fundamental aspect of a successful PPC campaign, primarily because they are the only way that you can truly make improvements throughout its duration. We concluded that every business who is embarking on a new marketing campaign should identify the KPI’s for it right from the outset, and monitor these meticulously thereafter in order to ensure that they are giving themselves the best possible chance of making a profit.

In our second infographic of our ‘Creating a Quality Google AdWords Campaign’, we will delve into the area of ‘market research’. Part Two will discuss and elaborate on how you should go about conducting your competitor, keyword and market research, in order to concretely ascertain what your potential clients are searching for and how you can tailor your campaigns to attract them the best.
For more information about Googles Ad Extensions, read our article here.

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Jordan Newton is the Creative Manager and Graphic Designer at Just SEO. Seeking to illuminate marketing advice and convey news engagingly, he regularly contributes infographics for our readers to view on all areas of digital advertising.

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