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4 Ways You Should Adapt Your SEO Strategy in 2015

4 Ways You Should Adapt Your SEO Strategy in 2015

by Philip Armstrong12th January 2015

Search engines, online social platforms, and the way in which we interact online are constantly changing, and thus, so is SEO. If you want to become or remain competitive with your online presence in the New Year, there are a few ways in which you may want to adapt, that is, if you haven’t already!


Optimise Your Website for Smartphones

Smartphones are have become increasingly used for making search queries online. This is a trend that has been developing since 2013, and mobiles have even overtaken desktop computers as the most used device for internet browsing in US.

So if you haven’t designed your website to cater for mobile phone users already, then this is the first thing you need to do. Not only does this improve the usability of your website, but Google ranks websites based on how well optimised they are for mobile phone users. With the number of searches being made on mobile phones set to continue to increase in 2015, if you haven’t got a mobile optimised site, you will surely be left behind. Google has now started including a “mobile friendly” notation next to websites in the results which are well optimised and responsive.


Optimise for Other Search Engines, like Bing and Yahoo

Although Google has almost 70% of the market share in the US, Bing and Yahoo combined, have a market share just shy of 30%. This is partly due to Bing’s recent relationship with Mozilla Firefox, making it the new default search engine of its browser. As both Bing and Yahoo’s market shares have been steadily increasing, 2015 will likely be the best year for both search engines. For web users who are not comfortable with their personal details being tracked and then sold to the highest bidder, and prefer not to be bothered by ads; up and coming search engines which don’t collect user data like DuckDuckGo may also see growth.


Social Media

Develop a Loyal Social Media Following

The influence that social media signals have on SEO have increased in the recent years. Having an authoritative social media account with a strong following is truly an asset when it comes to ranking websites, both in generating referral traffic, and sales, and in generating brand awareness and backlinks. Many businesses would simply sign up on all of the social media platforms in existence and then simply spam every new piece of content they could without any rhyme or reason. A strategy like this will have minimal effect however. The most beneficial way to use social media is to use it for the purpose it was designed for: genuinely interacting with other people.


Content Marketing strategy for online business concept

Draw In Organic Links Rather Than Building or Swapping Links

Building large quantities of backlinks from low quality or unrelated websites that don’t rank for anything is not an effective SEO strategy any longer. Added to this, Google are progressively looking at contextual factors, and the way in which a website has linked to you. Added to this, mentions of your brand name are becoming a ranking factor. SEO is increasingly becoming about marketing your website through producing truly influential content, providing a quality service, and setting up genuine relationships. Try to earn powerful backlinks from authoritative websites by providing and contributing something of value.


The above are only a few ways in which you can adapt your SEO strategy in the New Year, but making these changes can make the difference between this being your most successful year yet, and being left behind!


Do you feel like there are any additional adaptations that should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments section which changes you believe will make the difference in 2015.

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