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Webmaster Tools Data Ceases Updating for a Week

Webmaster Tools Data Ceases Updating for a Week

by Ben Wittams-Smith16th February 2015

Have you noticed that your Google Webmaster Tools reports have not updated for over a week?

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen any update in Webmaster Tools since Saturday the 7th of Feb, because the data tools have not updated for anyone since this time, which has prevented them from viewing some aspects of their website’s performance during this time.

Although there can often be a lag in the information displayed in Google Webmaster Tools, often of around 2 days at the most, it is not typical for there to be a week long delay in the data update.

Users have been voicing their concerns in the Webmaster forums, but Google have not responded as to whether or not the problem will be resolved, or even if there is a problem at all.

One user said:

“I thought perhaps it was a couple day delay at first, but it’s now been 5 days, and my web master tools hasn’t updated. My web community is growing really fast, and until it stopped updating, it was exploding in growth.”

While Webmasters is experiencing technical difficulties, it is best to try to use Google Analytics in the meantime.

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Ben Wittams-Smith is a content writer for Just SEO and the Company Director of JSEO LTD. As a specialist in SEO, SEM and digital marketing, Ben regularly contributes content and provides analytic insight in these areas.
  • 18th February 2015 at 4:15 am

    The Google forum you linked to is from 2014… however Google has announced they fixed the issue. I saw data from the 11th today… and it was the 8th before so they are slowly fixing it.

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