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Universal App Campaign: The New Search & Display Advertising Format From Google

Universal App Campaign: The New Search & Display Advertising Format From Google

by Ben Wittams-Smith29th May 2015

Google reveal their new campaign type to help developers advertise and get installs for their apps

Google will be revealing at Google I/O a new type of paid advertising campaign that has been specially designed for app marketers.

The new method of advertising is referred to as the “Universal App Campaign” because of its ability to provide visibility across the search network, display network, android devices, Youtube and the Google play store.

The new campaign type can be set up through Adwords or through the Google Play developers console. It works quite similarly to Adwords Express, but is intended instead for use by developers who are looking for mass scale and to pay for conversions (cost-per-install) rather than for clicks/impressions.

Ads are set up with four independent lines of text that can be used interchangeably, along with settings for language and location targets. There is also the option to upload a video for use in Youtube ads.

google universal app

Once a campaign has been set up, Google will begin displaying ads based on the targeting settings and the cost-per-install price that have been set. The ease and speed with which campaigns can be set up will likely make the new campaign type very popular with developers in the coming months.

Will you be using the new Universal App Campaign? Let us know in the comments below:

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