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Translate Anything with the Google Translate App

Translate Anything with the Google Translate App

by Ben Wittams-Smith14th January 2015

Both the iOS and the Android versions of the Google Translate app have seen major improvements to their effectiveness. The app can be used to translate street signs by using the camera translate function and can be used to translate conversations in real-time!

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Google Camera Translation

With the camera translate function you can simply take a picture of a sign or piece of written text that you do not understand, and Google will automatically translate it into English. The app will change the image that you see on the screen and then seamlessly vanish out the previous language and replace it with your chosen one. The app can currently only translate English to and from German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. However there are plans to add additional languages to the app.


Google Conversation Translation

The conversation translate function has been designed to respond quickly in real-time to allow you to converse with another person in your native language, and have your phone translate verbally what you are saying in the native language of the person that you are talking to. The app will then listen to their response and translate it back to you. It’s really as simple as tapping a button, and you can instantly begin speaking into the phone’s mic – the app automatically recognises which two languages are being spoke and begins the translation process. This allows for a more fluid and natural conversation between the two parties.

We’re not sure the new improvements to the app will make more conventional translators obsolete just yet, but it will certainly come in handy for anyone who travels a lot, or who finds themselves in a situation where they would prefer nothing be lost in translation!

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