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PPC Managers: You can now have multiple accounts on Google AdWords

PPC Managers: You can now have multiple accounts on Google AdWords

by Philip Armstrong3rd November 2014

Google have unveiled that they will soon allow AdWords managers to directly toggle between their different accounts via the top right menu of the programme, eradicating the necessity for them to sign in to their various logins separately every time they need to work on a different project.

The search engine giants have identified the new feature will provide those in the paid search marketing industry with a triple boost, including:

• Enabling those with multiple AdWords accounts to simultaneously manage them at the same time, through the same browser
• Ensuring Ad Managers can stay logged into to their different AdWords & Google accounts at the same time
• Saving webmasters time switching between accounts with different logins

The news is set to induce an overwhelmingly positive response from all involved within the paid search landscape, who are all too familiar with the practice of having to open up an excessive number of different browsers in order to manager numerous AdWords accounts at the same time.
Google announced that this will no longer be necessary, because the new element grants webmasters with the ability to change between their accounts without having to logout, instead being able to switch between them all without any being automatically discarded.
In order to use the feature in AdWords, simply click on the Customer ID or login email within AdWords, in order to get to the ‘account selector’ tab. You can then pick and choose which accounts you wish to multi-use by entering their details into the programme via the “Add Account” button.
Below is an illustration of the new feature in practice, highlighting the scale of impact such a small modification will have on improving the efficiency and usability of the Adwords programme for those who oversee them.


It is inevitable that critics will argue that the new facility is a way of Google monitoring the activity of PPC managers more closely; a clever ploy to police the manner in which Ad managers go about their conduct when presiding over multiple projects at the same time.
However, I argue that such a stance would be unnecessarily cynical towards the introduction of a feature that has been called out by the entirety of the paid search world for some time now. Instead, those in PPC should embrace Google’s decision to improve their facilities for free and enhance their capabilities at no cost at all – a trend that is very rarely displayed when it comes to discussing the policy of the money-making machine of Google.

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Philip Armstrong is a content writer for the Just SEO newsroom. Having served as an Adword's manager for a number of paid search campaigns, he is an expert in spending money to make money, and regularly contributes in-depth articles on the latest news and updates on pay-per-click (PPC) matters.

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