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OK Google, is Microsoft Bing better than you?”

OK Google, is Microsoft Bing better than you?”

by Ben Wittams-Smith8th December 2014

Microsoft have brought their new voice search app for Android Wear that adds an alternative to using OK Google.

Is it an improvement over Google’s technology? Well, you could say that Bing Torque adds a twist to the whole process… quite literally in fact. As Torque has been created for wearable Android devices, the way to activate a search and ask Bing a question is to simply twist your wrist forward and then backwards.


This interesting new take on the whole process alleviates the need to say “OK Google”. However as this app is used only when you wish to do a voice search anyway, which requires speaking… it defeats the point of having to use motion as an alternative to speaking.

You also need to sign up with your Microsoft account in order to use the app.

As far as its reliability, Rita El Khoury (link to: of Android Police had a positive experience with the app never failing to launch at each twist of the wrist. Accuracy wise, search results did not seem to trump Google in any areas – with searches such as “how much is 20 pounds sterling in US dollars?” failing to gain a useful response.

Bing Torque is an interesting and fun idea, but as far as achieving any intended advantage over OK Google, or any extensive practicality in general, it seems to have fallen short. If nothing else though, it does save you the hassle of having to say “OK Google” like some kind of plonker, each time you want to make a voice search.

But to answer the question “OK Google, is Bing Torque better than you” the answer you would get from Google would most likely be “I’ve found 8 suppliers of Torque Wrench suppliers near you”.



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