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The Tree of Life: SEO’s & Marketers… brace yourself for an Adwords Game-Changer

The Tree of Life: SEO’s & Marketers… brace yourself for an Adwords Game-Changer

by Ben Wittams-Smith4th November 2014

It is undeniable that AdWords is a superior tool when it is linked appropriately with Google Analytics. This is because using Analytics to produce reports about the effectiveness of your Adwords campaigns is a great way to attain valuable insight into what you need to do in order to raise your performance and ultimately make more money from your paid search endeavours.

Whilst there is currently a vast array of reports that can be accessed by PPC marketers via Google Analytics, in order to improve their evaluation capabilities, I want to use this article in order to discuss an all-new report which has just been announced and will be universally rolled out by Google over the upcoming weeks. This innovative new facility is called Treemaps, and for all who are unfamiliar with how it will benefit you, I will now explain why it is an essential acquisition for all involved in paid search marketing, and will revolutionise the manner in which you conduct your business hereafter moving forward in the future.

What exactly is Treemaps?

For all who are unfamiliar with what the peculiar term “Treemapping” means, it is “a method for displaying hierarchical data by utilising nested rectangles”.

Whilst avid tech enthusiasts will be jumping around frenziedly just thinking about the prospect of using Nested Rectangles for such a complex task, the large majority of readers can be forgiven for not being well-informed about the Java Jargon. However, it is imperative that you get to grips with “Treemapping” and Google’s upcoming ‘Treemaps’ facility, because there is an incredible number of benefits that come with adopting it into the way you conduct you paid search advertising,. In particular: you can now make simple identifications of trends and problems across your Adwords accounts at a rapid rate, with a higher depth of insight that you would have had if you exclusively analysed numerical figures.

Treemaps comes with the added benefit of being a superb hypothesis-creation tool, and you will only need to take a few minutes of your time in order to realise the full extent of just how powerful the new tool is. Simply put: using the facility will make evaluating and comprehending your account easier than it has ever been and will allow you to make far deeper value judgements about which areas of your account needs addressing, and which you are devoting too much time to.

Things to remember about Treemaps

Keep in mind the following when embarking on using Treemaps:

  • Your rectangles surface area is representative of the volume of whichever main metric you’ve chosen
  • The green to red overlay is representative of whatever secondary metric you’ve chosen for your account
  • Green alerts signify positive indicators and red alerts represent poor indicators. So positive inroads made on your click-through rate will appear in green, and falls in metrics will be displayed in red.

How can Treemaps help PPC Ad Managers?

So, having established what Treemaps is all about, and how it presents data, let’s dive into how you can use it in order to rapidly analyse the data from your Adwords accounts.

Comparing cost against your E-Commerce Conversion Rate

A great feature of Treemaps is that it will let you instantly identify whether the costs of one aspect of your advertising are warranted, through the rapid analysis of each areas conversion rates.

The programme will automatically display the areas of your advertising campaigns which have the highest conversion rates, so you can decide whether it is worth prioritising spend in other areas which need to achieve higher conversion rates, or raising your spend in this area to induce equivalent success on larger scale.

You can also assess the reasons behind the success of areas which turn up Green in Treemaps, and apply these to other elements of your paid search advertising campaign so that you can achieve a full spectrum of success across all of your money-making endeavours.



You can see from the top screenshot that two of our ad groups are performing well and displaying a positive conversion rate, whilst the other groups are currently failing to prove a worthy investment for your business. In particular, the above example illustrates that the more you have spent on your campaigns, the worse they have appeared to have done, meaning that you have a clearly identified area to work on and improve. Moreover, you can evaluate what has made your lower costing groups perform superiorly to their larger counterparts and incorporate these elements into the latter, in order to enjoy success across them all.

Comparing your Impressions against your Click-Through Rate

Another strength that Treemaps brings to the table is using data about your total impressions and your ads click-through rates in order to help you make effective improvements to their functionality.


Impressions, as defined by Wikipedia, are the “display of an ad to a user while viewing a web page”. The click-through rate of an advertisement, as defined by the same source, is “the number of clicks on an ad divided by the number of times the ad is shown (impressions), expressed as a percentage”. Simply put, CTR= clicks/impressions x 100. As such, being able to have clear data about both at all times during your marketing campaigns will make it far simpler for you to optimise your click through rate, and become aware of which metric you need to concentrate on in order to bring up the overall performance of your campaign.


Keep in mind that all of your ad groups which appear in green will probably hold valuable lessons for the ones in red,

Also remember that when you scroll over the speech bubble on every rectangle, you can learn further details about the data they are seeking to describe.


New Site Users compared to your Bounce Rate

Using Treemaps, you can determine which keywords you are using are bringing the highest volume of new users to your website, and which of these keywords are the most effective/ineffective at converting these users into paying clients.


Mastering Treemaps

Whilst we have looked at some of the great functions that Treemaps comes with, the reality is that it has so much more to offer ad managers enhance their performance. I strongly advise that you explore the new facility and start refining your practice on it straight away, because it will certainly be an essential inclusion to the infrastructure of all top advertising businesses in the future.

Below is a list of the present ways you can use Treemaps to further your analytic capabilities, so you can pick and choose which ones you evaluate together in order to attain a superior insight into where you need to improve, and where you’ve been successful.

Main Metric

  • Clicks
    • Clicks
    • Cost
    • Impressions
  • E-commerce
    • Revenue
    • Transactions
  • Site Usage
    • Goal Completions
  • Summary
    • Goal Value
    • New Users

Supplementary Metric

  • Clicks
    • CPC
    • CTR
    • ROAS
    • RPC
  • E-commerce
    • Average Order Value
    • E-commerce Conversion Rate
    • Per Session Value
  • Site Usage
    • % New Sessions
    • Avg. Session Duration
    • Bounce Rate
    • Pages/Session
  • Summary
    • Goal Conversion Rate


In a short space of time, we’ve ascertained that there are a huge range of benefits and analytic functionalities that Treemaps come along with, including cross-evaluation of different metrics in order to make deeper value judgements about what exactly is inhibiting your progress, and what factors are contributing to the parts of your advertising campaigns that are doing well.

Such a feature is invaluable to any PPC manager who takes time and care with their analysis to achieve top results for their clients/projects – Treemaps is quite simply a groundbreaking and innovative way of collating all the data about your marketing campaigns together and rapidly presenting the important areas of comparison for your convenience, for lightning analysis. Not only will this save ad managers time and money figuring out where to improve and aimlessly applying modifications on the basis of limit analysis, it will also allow them to compare different metrics like never before.

If you haven’t already started using Treemaps, then you should get onto Adwords today and start getting to grips with the programme, because a failure to do so will mean you are missing out on answering the questions which really need to be delved deeper into.



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