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New Penguin and Panda Updates Will Be Hitting the SERPs

New Penguin and Panda Updates Will Be Hitting the SERPs

by Ben Wittams-Smith3rd June 2015

Google have announced that they will be releasing a new Panda Update and a continuously firing Penguin update

Google’s Gary Illyes has revealed that Google will be releasing a new Penguin update that they have been working on, which will continually update automatically as part of the ranking algorithm. Currently Penguin requires a periodic manual update, after which sites will experience the effects, either positive or negative. This means that website owners are not seeing the effects of the update in real-time.

For Google it is a great advantage to have Penguin updating the SERPs automatically, as it will mean less manual work (and less staff required). It will also mean that the SERPs will be more regularly updated with the best results according to Penguin, which will result in users being served with superior results for their search queries more often.

Illyes has estimated that this automatically refreshing update is only months away from being released.


What impact will this have?

The effects of Penguin will be seen much faster for webmasters and SEOs. This will allow less time for black-hat SEO’s to hide their spammy/algorithmic exploiting link profiles. It should allow for superior results pages, and reward websites that have good quality link profiles.


The New Panda Update

Gary also revealed that there would be a new Panda update hitting the scene, but that this update will not be automatically refreshing like the new Penguin update, and will still require manual action in oder to roll out the update.

It is estimated that the new Panda update will be hitting the scene in two to four weeks.

What will be the impact of the new Panda update

Webmasters that have been previously hit by Panda and who have made changes to improve their website’s content, will likely see an increase in their rankings after this Panda refresh. For those that want to see a positive change as a result of the update, they should start making any necessary improvements to their content now before the update rolls out.

Will you be making any changes to your site or online marketing strategy as a result of these upcoming updates? Let us know in the comments section below

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