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Google’s Webspam Maverick Matt Cutts extends leave into 2015 – Is he gone for good?

Google’s Webspam Maverick Matt Cutts extends leave into 2015 – Is he gone for good?

by Samir3rd November 2014

Renowned head of Google’s web spam team, Matt Cutts, has made the call to extend his leave indefinitely into 2015, proving a bit of downtime is enjoyable no matter how high pressure your job is.

Informing the online community via an announcement on Halloween, there doesn’t appear to be anything quite as eerie about Cutts’ prolonged abstinence from work as his chosen date for the announcement could lead you to believe.

Rather, he’s probably just enjoying the fruits of a very well-deserved break from being the Optimus Prime of the anti-spam world; Being a slave to progression is a rewarding, dynamic way to live your life, but to seek progress in only certain areas to the detriment of one’s family is a foolhardy mistake, and not one to be made by a man of Mat Cutts’ stature.

Anyway, optimisers everywhere can continue to operate safe in the knowledge that the current web spam teams more than fit the bill, as Cutts openly acknowledged the ‘top-notch job’ they are continuing to do in his absence – totally justifying his faith in them and showcasing the depth of creed Google harnesses in its powerful search armoury.

Which is just as well, as suspicion has intensified from within the search community over whether Cutts will ever decide to take his old post up again, or whether his successor is currently being groomed for an eventual passing-of-the-guard at some point in 2015? His apparent heightened sense of joie de vivre since exploring life away from the online rat race, combined with his utter lack of anything left to prove, could see Cutts delving down different avenues into diverse fields, all of which would be privileged to have a man of his undoubted ability.

One area in which no-one has managed to step into Cutts’ shoes is that of PR, with Cutts having endeared himself to both old-school and new-age SEOs in his time at Google like no other webmaster. Generally thought of as the poster boy for Google’s Search team, Cutts willingness to engage with the wider online community, whether to respond to criticism or to merely acknowledge some words of kindness directed at him, has demarcated him as the people’s man of Search and if he does decide to call it a day – he will be missed and not quickly forgotten.

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