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Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Rolls Out Completely

Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Rolls Out Completely

by Ben Wittams-Smith4th May 2015

Google have stated that their mobile friendly algorithm has fully rolled out, but where is the highly anticipated impact?

When webmasters were first being warned by Google about the release of the Mobile Friendly algorithm, Zineb Ait Bahajji, While at the SMX Munich rally, stated that the impact on the search results would be even greater than the Panda and Penguin updates!

Was this just hype? Or was this intentional misinformation in order to scare the masses into bringing their websites up to speed? Whatever the reason, the hype seems to have worked as Google reported significant increases in the number of mobile friendly websites last month.

We are still waiting for the impact

The algorithm was nicknamed Mobilegeddon, but we are still waiting to see the impact that one would expect when the end is coming to all mobile “unfriendly” websites. Search metrics has reported that some websites have seen a reduction to their mobile visibility, namely Reddit. But we have not seen the widespread impact that was predicted by many.

Gary Illyes has commented that although the algorithm has rolled out, not all pages have been reindexed and thus have not yet been affected:

Gary Illyes

So with some changes left to be seen once all pages have been reindexed, we may witness some movement in the SERPs – however it is highly unlikely to be anything close to the changes that were seen after the Panda and Penguin updates.

Ultimately the mobile friendliness of a website is one of as many as 200 ranking factors that affects a site’s position in the SERPs, and it is no where near the most powerful of those ranking factors. Perhaps those of us who believed that the Mobile Friendly algorithm would have a major impact were somewhat foolish!

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