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Google’s Daily Doodle: Water On Mars

Today’s Google Doodle is dedicated to the discovery of liquid water on Mars.Google Doodle: Water on Mars

Today Google produced a Mars themed Doodle that showed a cartoon version of Mars drinking water through a straw.

Yesterday NASA scientists announced that they had finally found water on Mars.  They discovered that, during the Martian summer, water begins trickling down the steep cliffs and valleys that riddle the surface of the red planet.  It is not yet known where this water comes from or is stored but its mere presence makes it far more likely that life could be present in some form.  It is thought that tiny microbes may be able to use this water to survive in this otherwise bleak environment.  In addition to increasing the likelihood of finding life on mars, this water also increases the potential for sending life to Mars.  Water is an absolute necessity if it is ever hoped of being a safe refuge for human life and this discovery boosts the chances of establishing an off-Earth colony on our closest neighbour.

It has long been thought that Mars had geographical features which looked like they had been shaped by liquid water.  Early missions there revealed what appeared to be dried up rivers and what looked like old sea beds.  In the first half of 2015 NASA stated that they had discovered something very much resembling the imprint of a gigantic ocean that once dominated the Northern hemisphere.  Now, after many years of searching, it looks like all these theories now have at least some footing beyond mere speculation.  It is thought that NASA will use future missions to send probes to the discovered water in order to unravel more of the planet’s ancient secrets.

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