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Google Set to End Page Speed Services

Google Set to End Page Speed Services

by Ben Wittams-Smith8th May 2015

As of August 2015 Google will no longer be providing its free service that helps websites build the speed of their pages.

The news comes after four and a half years of this service being introduced.

Google have stated that they are planning on “refocusing” the efforts of their PageSpeed team, to areas that they see will be more beneficial in the long run.

Google stated: “We see much broader adoption of PageSpeed technology through our open-source products and have therefore decided to focus our efforts on improving those.”

One of the biggest impacts that this will have, for webmasters that are using this service, will be that their web pages will be inaccessible unless they change their DNS before the closure date.

However if you are using this PageSpeed service, not all is lost as Google have revealed that same technology is being used by many other service providers.  This means that you can consider using the services they offer to acheive the same results.

Here is a list of alternative services that you can still access:

Server Side Modules

If you have your own web server then many of these will have a module option that will allow you to automatically boost your page speed.


Google have created a patch that works with Nginx to help boost page speed.


Microsoft IIS have a PageSpeed service that was created by WeAmp.


This is an open source module that was created by Google, named mod_pagespeed.

Web Hosting Providers

You may want to check and see if the hosting provider that you have based your website with, offer this service.  Many providers do offer a page speed boosting service.


There is a compatible module that you can load into your web server which will help boost your page speed.

Any other thoughts on what webmasters can do to combat the ill-effects of this recent revelation? Let us know in the comments below.

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