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Google Says No to Credit Card Payment From Big Clients

Google Says No to Credit Card Payment From Big Clients

by Ben Wittams-Smith12th December 2014

Google now want all large customers’ sales accounts to pay through invoicing rather than by credit card.

Why? Well Google will certainly be saving a lot in credit card fees by switching over to an invoicing system.

Convincing all of their large accounts to make the move may be a struggle, but the small percentages in transactions fees that Google will no longer have to pay should add up to a tidy sum.


The change-over is set to only affect the largest of Google’s accounts which are on the credit card payment option, making up around 1% of their customer base.

So what does this mean for those large accounts?


Larger accounts will be notified by Google if they are required to make a change over to the Monthly invoicing billing option. These customers will be sent a monthly invoice for the costs accrued within the period, and will be required to pay either via direct bank transfer or check. Payments must be made within the time frame that has been pre-agreed with Google.

For more information see this Google support page here

And what about for smaller accounts?


For the other 99% of customers who are not required to make any changes to their payment options, they can continue to rack up credit card points to go toward their frequent flyer miles!


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