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Google Reveals Exactly How The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out

Google Reveals Exactly How The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out

by Philip Armstrong25th March 2015

As we get closer to the 21st April, when Google’s Mobile Friendly algorithm will be implemented – Google reveals some facts about how the new algorithm will affect the search results.

The Mobile Friendly algorithm, which will judge websites’ based on whether or not they are optimised and user friendly for mobile devices, may potentially affect more websites than the Panda or Penguin updates. This has made many webmasters keen to know exactly how the algorithm will work and which criteria it will use to judge websites.

To help answer those questions, and more, Google held a Q&A Hangout session on Google+

Important Facts from the Q&A Hangout:

  1. The algorithm will be rolled on the 21st of April and will take from a few days up to a week to fully roll out around the globe.
  2. Websites will be deemed either mobile friendly, or not mobile friendly – there is no middle ground.
  3. The best way to find out if your website is deemed mobile friendly, or not, is to use Google’s free online tool.
  4. The algorithm will affect website rankings on mobile devices only, and will not affect desktop rankings.
  5. The algorithm works on a page by page basis, judging each page separately. Thus having one page that is not mobile friendly will not negatively affect your whole website.
  6. Blocking Googlebot with your Robots.txt file may prevent Google from seeing if your website is mobile friendly. Use Google’s free online tool to see if this is happening.


Want to Know More? Catch Up On The Full Hangout:

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