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Google Makes The Reconsideration Request Process Easier

Google Makes The Reconsideration Request Process Easier

by Ben Wittams-Smith9th February 2015

For web masters who have been hit by a manual action for the first time, knowing what to do and how to find a solution to save their website’s rankings can be a daunting task. For business owners who acquire a lot of their customers through their website, it can be especially stressful, and the longer their website experiences loss of rankings, the more of a choking effect it has on the inflow of new customers.

Seasoned SEO’s who have to deal with the reversing of manual actions on a weekly basis will be very familiar with the reconsideration process, and will be aware of all the pitfalls; but those new to the process will find it difficult.

For this reason Google has updated their reconsideration request documentation
Included is a short step-by-step guide that makes it easier for webmasters to make a reconsideration request, and to help make sure that they make the request correctly.

The new documentation also explains the process, to help webmasters understand how Google attends to their request, and how close they are to having their problem resolved; and in addition to this there is a video from Matt Cutts explaining the correct way to send a reconsideration request:

Naturally this new documentation cannot help those whose websites have been penalised by an algorithmic penalty, like Panda or Penguin, but it serves very well in helping users understand how what they need to do after a manual action, from how to submit the request to how to resolve specific issues, such as having bad links, or thin content.

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