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Google infiltrate grassroots of online business with release of new micro-marketing App for Start-ups, Primer

Google infiltrate grassroots of online business with release of new micro-marketing App for Start-ups, Primer

by Samir15th October 2014

Google has unveiled a groundbreaking new iPhone app – Google Primer – targeted at helping newly-formed businesses learn the essential components of marketing successfully online.

As the de facto head of the digital world, it was only a matter of time before the American multinational developed their own instructional app on the art of advertising, though it now appears they have taken the opportunity to do so in order to apply their own vision of how companies should market to the very grassroots of the online business sector.

The App is exclusive to the mobile, and provides young-and-upcoming businessmen with access to extremely useful resources on how to start advertising on Google, such as virtual lessons, case studies and tests about different aspects of marketing online. Google have identified that their aim is to ensure that all their app users familiarise themselves with the “big picture strategy” of successfully selling their products in the digital world. The entirety of the content and material on the site was collaboratively devised and developed by Google and various reputable figures from the SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing communities, with reinforcement resources for the mobile lessons available on the Google Primer Website.

The cohesive nature of the new App’s mobile and website campaigns suggest that Google is attempting to instil their agenda, and values into the digital public, right from the outset of their involvement in the online industry. It is also implicit of a broader goal to narrow the gap between the complex nature of its ad products and start-up companies lack of experience with digitally marketing and search advertising on their platform.

Discussing the origins of the App, a statement on the company’s website reinforced this notion, identifying: “We realized that some of the Google ad-tech products which connect businesses to customers also widen the gap between rookies and marketing pros”. “We want to fix this.”

How does the new app work?

The app can only be acquired by iOS users at present, though a future rollout on Android is expected in the upcoming weeks. The initial version of the app provides expert insight and advice into three primary areas of marketing; Search Engine Marketing, Media Coverage acquisition and Content Marketing. The lessons are delivered in a manner which makes it simple for would-be businessmen to pick up the fundamentals of digital marketing quick and easily, with the app intentionally designed in such a way to encourage people to devote their spare 10 minute windows in a day to learning a new skill.

It is also fully functionally offline, so all app holders can browse and process the advisory material on-the-move, such as when they are on the underground, out in the countryside or flying abroad.

Google has confirmed that the marketing lessons will be diversified from their current selection of topics to a more extensive range of content, highlighting that they are currently trying to gauge the initial popularity of the App, rather than optimise its performance.

As well as being able to take the advertising lessons and acquire the theoretical knowledge to market profitably on Google, Primer users can also decide whether they want to be sent direct emails which ask them to put the theory they have learned into practice.

For anyone who is interested in the new app, or is thinking about starting a new business, you can download it from iTunes here.


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