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Google Creates a Lite Search Interface for Mobiles

Google Creates a Lite Search Interface for Mobiles

by Ben Wittams-Smith10th April 2015

For users who experience slow connections on their mobile phones, Google now offers a lite version of their search interface for faster loading times

Google have revealed that they have launched a newer and liter version of their interface which is better optimised for flow connections on mobile devices. This new development is especially useful for users who happen to be travelling outdoors and who do not have access to a speedy wifi connection.

If you happen to find yourself needing an internet connection to load a Google map while on a journey, you will benefit from having your results load faster on the new interface.

woman looking at phone

Google has stated: “You can use Google to search for just about anything and get answers in a flash. But, when you’re searching on your phone, a slow connection can really hold things up.
To make sure you’re not waiting on Google when you need it most, we’ve rolled out a streamlined Search results page that loads fast, even on those slow connections. You’ll get all the info you need in a simpler format that’s beautiful and easy to use. Best of all: there’s nothing new to download or update — the lighter version will kick in automatically when needed!”

Examples of the faster loading results

Below are examples of the faster loading results that will be accessible to mobile users who find themselves on a slow connection:

lite mobile

Notice how the faster loading results have smaller images, and provide less information within the knowledge graph.

These new changes should help alleviate the problem of having to wait several minutes for your search results to load while out and about!

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