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Google Adds Support for Web Pages That Dynamically Change Content Based on Visitor IP

Google Adds Support for Web Pages That Dynamically Change Content Based on Visitor IP

by Philip Armstrong3rd February 2015

For website owners who cater to visitors from countries around the globe, it will be of great benefit that Google have now added support for websites that dynamically change their content according to the language settings and IP address of visitors.

It is always nice for the visitor to land on a website and automatically have all of the content written in their native language, as this saves them having to look for a link or button that links them to a separate version of the website.

Google will now be using bots which possess IP addresses in different locations in the world, and with different language settings, allowing Google to crawl and index websites in all of the different languages that they offer to visitors.

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Google Recommends:

Webmasters should set up a separate URL or TLD (top level domain) for each of the separate language versions which they offer, while using the rel+alternate hreflang annotations for each locale. As this gives website users the best opportunity for sharing the content they have read; gives Google an easier way to index your site; and gives your site the best chances of ranking high in the SERPs.

If you are already using rel=alternate freflang annotations, along with separate URLs then you are on the right track.

This new support from Google should alleviate the problem that Google have been facing with regard to understanding the content of websites that utilise locale-adaptive techniques.

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