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Do You Want Google to Count the Calories of Your Meal for You With the Click of a Button?

Do You Want Google to Count the Calories of Your Meal for You With the Click of a Button?

by Ben Wittams-Smith4th June 2015

Google’s New AI Is Developing the Ability Count The Calories in Your Food Through the Camera on Your Smartphone

Have you ever wanted to know approximately how many calories are in the food you’re about to eat while in a restaurant? Well with the AI technology that Google is currently researching, eating food without knowing its calorie content could become a thing of the past.


How the Technology Works

By taking a photo of the food you’re eating, Google’s innovative Im2Calorie tech will be able to analyse the depth of pixels and gauge the size and shape of the type of food you are eating and then approximate the number of calories. This will depend on the AI’s ability to recognise exactly what type of food it is.

Wolfram Alpha’s is an example of some of the technology that is available today:


Wolfram correctly identifies the image is of buffalo wings/crisp spicy chicken wings


Gathering Information on User’s Eating Habits

Kevin Murphy, Google’s research scientist commented:

“Now we can start to potentially join information from multiple people and start to do population-level statistics. I have colleagues in epidemiology and public health, and they really want this stuff,”

The amount of additional user information Google would accumulate through this type of app would be enormous.
Google could:

  • Sell you calorie dieting apps
  • Sell your data to advertisers who want to sell you dieting products
  • Sell your data to governments/institutions that want population data


Helping Us Make Health Eating Decisions

If the technology works successfully and were to be integrated with a calorie tracker, it could well be used to give people an understanding of approximately how many calories they are consuming within a given day or week, and help them to control their intake over-time.

As Murphy states:

“Maybe we get the calories off by 20 percent. It doesn’t matter. We’re going to average over a week or a month or year.”

Will you be using the app if it is released? Or would you like to be more guarded about giving Google access to your eating habits? Let us know in the comments section below:

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