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14th November 2016

TRUMPED: how to win an election in 140 characters or fewer

Donald Trump soared to success on the wings of a campaign that didn’t just court controversy but slapped a dog collar on it and rode it all the way to the white house. Key to this was an unprecedented championing of social media.

Keep your friends close, and… just keep your friends close.

Trump, the self professed “Hemingway of 140 characters”, owes a lot of his success to Facebook, Twitter and other similar platforms. Before we go into Trump’s own mastery of the medium, let’s take a look at some of the fundamental features of social media that made it such a perfect platform from which his campaign could take off.

These are platforms that are, on the face of it, an [...]

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27th October 2015


Times have changed, with the introduction of social media, marketing has evolved, and social media has become a very important tool for companies trying to push their brand further. Social media allows these brands to connect directly with their target audience. This of course, stretches to football and other kinds of professional sport. Social media campaigns for football are now being used more than ever.

However, not every campaign will bring guaranteed success- it will bring both positive and negative feedback from the social public. It is very common for the smaller clubs/organizations find it easier to connect to their fans as they have a smaller fan base. On the other [...]

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7th October 2015

How to attract followers using your twitter bio

How to attract followers using your twitter bio

If you (or your brand) are desperately trying to attract followers on the social media giant twitter, then it is absolutely vital that you make sure you look the part. You may think it’s petty, but you will be very surprised with the results you get.

The first step involves your twitter bio. Your bio is one of the first places a user checks when seeing your profile for the first time. So it is very important that you load it with relevant information that doesn’t go over the top.

The impression a user gets from seeing your profile for the first time is the most important, and in theory it can be the [...]

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5th October 2015


Not only have they been taking the social media world by storm for many, but now Facebook are attempting to take over the digital assistant universe with the all new Facebook M.

The social networking giants are experimenting with an all new service within Facebook messenger that the creators believe will make a bigger and better impact than all of its close rivals. M will even be able to complete complex tasks for its user.

The Siri-Like digital personal assistant introduces a new kind of artificial intelligence, on the same sort of page as the technology which powers Apple’s Siri, but intending to go further still. M’s creators believe that the combination of [...]

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