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7th April 2015

The Evolution of Google’s Panda Update

Over-time as newer Panda updates have been released, the face of the search results have changed

The Panda algorithmic update was designed to help determine the ranking of a website based on its onsite factors. Once the update was first released in 2011, websites saw major hits to their rankings if their content was of a poor quality.

The update was originally referred to as the Farmers Update, because of the fact that it targeted content farms, and websites with a high number of pages containing low quality content.


Onsite Factors Considered by Panda

Panda takes into account onsite multiple factors when impacting a website’s ranking. The following [...]

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11th December 2014

Serial – The Podcast Phenomenon

The renowned Serial podcast has proven its prowess once again through its investigation of the murder of Hae Min Lee 15 years ago, in which time her family has undergone an ordeal so harrowing it beggars belief. The podcast itself presents the information in gripping fashion through a series of episodes, each one a testament to why greater numbers of people are turning to the internet for innovative ways of learning.

It has gained a lot of traction and is being labelled the best podcast ever made.


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28th November 2014

Email Marketing: Crafting The Perfect Email

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19th November 2014

Spring back from an increasing bounce rate!

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