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17th March 2016

Writing for Web: Depth and Breadth

Writing successful content for the web can be tricky, not only because what defines the success of a piece of content varies wildly. As a general rule though, you want to combine accessibility with insight against an obstacle of ever-shrinking attention spans. Here’s a rough guide on how to shape your writing so that it reaches a wide audience without compromising on quality.

Deep Content and Wide Content

When writing content for your website, there are two basic aims:

Drawing in new users/customers Retaining the interest of existing users/customers

Different techniques are required for these two different aims.

Wide content Deep content

Wide content [...]

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23rd February 2016

Why is my blog traffic falling?

A zen paradox for the modern age:

If a post is written on a blog that receives no traffic, is there any content there at all?

Like the sound of a tree falling in an empty forest, or like a Kanye West rant, a blog is nothing without people there to take it in.

Where has my traffic gone?

If you run a blog, you want traffic. It’s very simple.

And if your traffic starts falling, then you’ll want to do something about it. This is also very simple.

But what exactly should you do to combat falling traffic?

Luckily, the answer to that is fairly simple as well.

Write More

Now this may sound obvious and, well, that’s because it is.

If [...]

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26th November 2015

5 Ways to Get the Best Deals in the UK This Black Friday

While scepticism surrounding the Black Friday weekend has been growing this year from shoppers and retailers alike, that’s no reason not to take advantage of the plethora of deals available.Follow these five tips to make sure that you make the most of this cut-price retail carnival:

1. Shop online

A recent study showed that 65% of shoppers in the UK who plan on taking part in Black Friday in 2015 will be doing so online.

Not only will you be getting some of the best deals, but shopping online also has the added benefit of allowing you to avoid the riotous scums in store that got so bad last year that police have now issued safety warnings [...]

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13th October 2015


Keywords. Why are they so important and how can you use them?

If for example, you are using keywords only to be found on search engines, then you my friend are really losing out on loads of ways to give your website visibility to your ideal target audience.

This post will explain the best ways to optimize keywords for your entire marketing strategy.

Optimization for Your Website

Below is a list of places in which you should place your main keyword or key phrase to fully optimize for searching. This will increase traffic to your website.

•Included in the beginning paragraph of your sites first page. •You should also include this in the contents page (in a casual [...]

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