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19th October 2015

Local Business Directories, The true cost

Being a business owner in your local area, it is more than likely that you have been told by a number of different sources that you should insert your business to a number of different directories, e.g. The Yellow pages or Yelp. Business owners use these to allow them to improve their visibility on Google. If you are hearing about this for the first time, it may sound easy.

When I first heard of this process it seemed that all you would have to do is sign up to some of these services, maybe opt-in to a couple of different things to get a link to my website onto the profile of, for example,

But I was wrong, terribly wrong. The truth behind this is that if you [...]

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15th October 2015

iOS vs Android

For 8 years running now, Apple’s iOS and Android have been competing with each other for the best mobile operating system money can buy. The majority of people will name Apple when asked who made the first step in creating the first mobile operating system.

However, much to my surprise, after doing my research I found that androids operating systems development traces back to 2003, whereas apples first version of iOS landed in 2007. But the point remains that it was the handsets that both parties released that defined both organizations and placed them on the pedestals they are currently on.

At first glance, as many people would agree with me, Apple created the slicker, [...]

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30th September 2015

Google Launch New Phones: Nexus 5X & Nexus 6P

Google have launched two new smartphone products- the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P.  It also unveiled a new tablet and two new streaming devices in San Francisco on Tuesday.  The newly anointed CEO, Sundar Pichai, kicked off the press release which was the largest hardware event that Google has ever thrown and underlined the significance of yesterday’s move.

Google Aiming For The High-End

This is the first time that they have ever had two new smartphones out at the same time. As with Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6s, Google are now offering a lower spec option with the 5X and a more luxury product with the 6P.  The two phones are clearly in direct competition with the [...]

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30th September 2015

India and Facebook – A Meeting With Mileage

Indian Prime Minister Nerendra Modi made meeting Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg the feature of his recent tour of Silicon Valley, wanting to send a message to Indians around the Globe that their nation was heading in the right direction, embracing the digital age in a manner thought impossible by previous Governments

Some Important Advice From Jobs

31 year old Zuckerberg had his parents in the audience as he began with an opening anecdote about his mentor and friend, the late Steve Jobs. He said that at a time when Facebook’s progress began to overwhelm, and he was inundated with requests to be bought out, Jobs had told him that “in order to reconnect [...]

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