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The New Top Level Domain that Even Celebs Like Taylor Swift are Getting Their Hands On!

The New Top Level Domain that Even Celebs Like Taylor Swift are Getting Their Hands On!

by Philip Armstrong23rd April 2015

The newest batch of top-level domains (TLDs) have been released, and one has ignited a great deal of controversy


Although the entrance for the majority of the newest TLD’s has been less than overwhelming, the .sucks TLD has caused quite a stir.

While .sucks is still in its sunrise period, which gives brands the opportunity to register their trademark (and celebs the opportunity to register their name) before the general public and cybersquatters get a chance to snap it up, many are left wondering why such a domain was created in the first place! It seems to only serve the purpose of allowing Vox Populi (the .sucks operator) to capitalise on the $2,499 yearly sunrise cost for registration.

dot sucks

Even the celebs are jumping on the .sucks band wagon

PR Week reported that big name celebs such as Kevin Spacey, Oprah and Taylor Swift have registered .sucks equivalent of their name as a precaution (although the $2,499 price tag for these domains is little more than a drop in the ocean for these A-listers). It just goes to show what a money-spinner the new .sucks TLD is.


Is the sale of this TLD unjust?

As the overseer of the domain registration system, ICANN has reportedly been hit with so many complaints from infuriated companies that it has requested the U.S.’s Federal Trade Commission and Canada’s Office of Consumer Affairs to give their verdict on whether Vox Populi’s new TLD is legal, or whether it equates to a form of racketeering.

Despite the distaste many companies have for the new TLD, referring to it as “predatory, exploitative and coercive”, a large proportion of them have still erred on the side of caution and picked up the .sucks equivalent of their brand name.


you suck


How about just not sucking?

I think the .sucks domain is a great way of outing those companies who would rather channel funds towards their reputation management campaign than towards maintaining the satisfaction of their customers.

Those companies that are fearful of burnt customers shaming their brand with the aid of a .sucks domain should focus on reducing the number of clients that feel as though they have been cheated/given a less than satisfactory service.

But ultimately, purchasing isn’t going to be a determining factor when trying to win a PR war. If unhappy customers want to slate your brand, they’ve already got a whole host of channels in order to do so, from Twitter to Youtube; and most disgruntled customers will have no idea that these new TLDs even exist anway.

Will you be purchasing a .sucks domains? And if so, for what purpose? Leave your comments below.

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  • Brian
    23rd April 2015 at 3:27 pm

    I’d like to buy, because their domain registration and hosting service really does suck! Although I don’t mind if someone else manages to get it before me if they have the same thing in mind! XD

  • Polska
    24th April 2015 at 1:25 pm

    Great article, I’ll be looking at getting haha

  • Jamie
    24th April 2015 at 1:31 pm

    Someone needs to make a site ^_^

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