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The Best Retargeting Companies Compared

The Best Retargeting Companies Compared

by Philip Armstrong11th June 2015

Search retargeting is the future of marketing, but with so many companies around it can be difficult to find the best solution for your website.


Retargeting in a nutshell

The aim or retargeting is to create lists of users who have already been to your website and carried out certain series of actions (tracking is key here).

These users can then be targeted on an ongoing basis as they visit different websites which serve display ads, i.e. websites with Adsense, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Users can be targeted different based on their past behaviour.

There are many remarketing companies around, all with slightly different services.

Below is a comparison of the best remarketing platforms to help you choose the one that best suits your individual business:


Comparison of the Leading Retargeting Solutions

PlatformAudience ReachBiddingCostSupportAdvantagesDisadvantages
AdwordsGoogle Adsense sites, Youtube, Android apps etcCPM, CPC, CPANo min spend & no set up fee24/7 phone support

Best option if most of your traffic comes from Google. Can choose ad placement on each page.

Only can target users on Google’s partner sites: those with Adsense etc.

RetargeterGoogle, Bing, and Yahoo, Facebook, email, twitterCPM only$500 upfront commitmentPersonal account manager

High level segmentation based on behaviour, pages visited and demographics etc.

Intended for high traffic and high monthly spend.

AdRollGoogle, Bing, and Yahoo, Facebook, TwitterCPM onlyMost expensive CPM ($1-$2.50) – no min spendOnline and phone support

Great user interface and reporting options, making it easy to use.

Not designed for search retargeting/optimising based on visitor search terms.
Perfect AudienceGoogle, Bing, Newsfeeds, Facebook, Twitter, emailCPMNo min spend & no set up feeSlow support

Most versatile and comprehensive targeting and segmentation. Integrates with email marketing.

More difficult to set up, esp with various ad formats for social media advertising.

BizoLinkedin & Facebook – b2b onlyCPM & CPCMinimum $150/pm ($5/pd per campaign)Online support

Great for targeting businesses, with demographic info on companies.

Designed exclusively for B2B marketing; and not for search retargeting.



Although there are some key differences between each of these remarketing services, they all have some important features in common:



All retargeting options work by placing a piece of code on each page of your page website. When a user hits your site a tracking cookie will be uploaded to their computer which records their behaviour on your site.



All of these solutions give the ability to segment your retargeting lists based on demographics of your visitors and their behaviour. This should be done based on the goals of the campaign, specifics of your website, or business. For example, users that visit a particular product/service page can be served ads that are specific to that product/service.


Frequency of Targeting

All of these platforms give you the ability to control how often you advertise to your list of users. It is important not to bombard users with your brand – 15 – 20 times per month is a good rough number of times to target a user once they have left the website. If users continually see your ads, they may perceive it as being predatory and/or they may become numb to the site of your ads.



Trying to give the user an ad which answers a question which was not answered within their first visit is a good idea. I.e. not feeding them the same information that they received the first time they visited your website. Offering them with a PDF download with advice is a good approach, and could be done based on which service they were looking for.

You can track pages visited; actions taken; time on page; number of pages visited; keywords used to enter the site; the device they used; location; organic versus paid (and more).

You can then target visitors based on a combination of any of these behaviours.

Think carefully about what you want to accomplish from your retargeting campaign, who your audience is, your budget, and the main channel you derive your site traffic through, and this will help with selecting the retargeting solution that best suits your needs.

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