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SEOs: Stay away from content creation and focus on perceptive delegation  

SEOs: Stay away from content creation and focus on perceptive delegation  

by Samir14th October 2014

The primary role of an SEO is to enhance a website’s performance in search engines. I know what you’re thinking: what a basic, unconstructive statement. But I have known numerous SEOs hell-bent on handling every facet of their campaign, without regard for the greater quality that stems from delegating responsibility amongst a skilled team.
That’s not to say that SEOs aren’t skilled, which would be absurd, rather their set of skills are specific to a certain niche. But beyond optimisation, SEOs must exhibit managerial prowess and leadership as part of their skill-set. Content creation is a multifaceted process involving writers, editors, graphic designers, web developers and other positions. A skilled SEO will have consummate individuals in each of these fields as part of their workforce, and will recognise which task to allocate to each of these workers.

Top quality content is notoriously difficult to produce, and taking it upon oneself to handle all areas of expertise will result in unsatisfactory results for any SEO. Even if an SEO could produce all-round quality content – the efficiency of this production would leave a lot desired.

As such, top quality content is almost always the result of successful collaboration, with workers fitting around one another like cogs in a grandfather clock. The sonorous sound of a successful marketing campaign is dependent on such co-operation, and as an SEO myself, I know just how sweet that symphony can be – if conducted with suitable sagacity.

We SEOs play the role of conductor, leading each instrumental member of our team through their various performance. All of our team have their own particular skills to contribute to our marketing campaign – in doing so, they inherently aid our optimising endeavours.

Let’s see how…

SEO & Content Creation working in harmony

Old School SEOs can hark back to the poor light our industry has been cast in over the years, with critics maligning SEO as a cover-up deployed by websites which do not produce quality, relevant content.

However, I do not see it that way.

SEO is a powerful marketing tool and naturally SEOs, as innovative sharp minds, ought to delve further into the marketing world. This involves combining marketing strategies in order to maximise our returns on investment. Simply put, a multi-layered marketing strategy has a greater chance of maximising profits.

So, integration of a plethora of tools, such as content marketing and PPC, alongside our SEO content can take our campaigns to another level.

Producing top quality content is the optimum method of boosting link-building. Authentic, valuable links are effectively a by-product of an SEO’s circulation of top quality content. In this manner, an SEO lends their promotional prowess to a content marketer’s flair for the written word.

Of course, many SEOs reading this will groan at its ostensible obviousness, yet so many SEOs consistently produce the content themselves to the utter detriment of their link-building endeavours. Whether it be to save cost on hiring more staff, or some obdurate belief in their ability to create good content, the end result will typically be unsatisfactory content and thus, inadequate SEO practice.

We wouldn’t let a content marketer handle our SEO endeavours, so what makes us think we are more suitable to handling their areas of expertise? Let not our egos be a stain on our marketing campaigns.

However, as SEOs we have insider knowledge of what top quality content is; as such, our content creation team can only benefit from the snippets of advice we have to offer. Through our own past experiences & thorough analysis of past successful campaigns from our competitors, we are in an influential position to guide our more callow, fledgling content marketers through their endeavours.

For example, I, as a somewhat experienced SEO, recognise that though search data from tools such as Keyword planner or SEMRush is by no means useless, PPC is the most accurate medium by which to identify high ranking keywords since Google shifted away from a keyword-orientated algorithm. That is due to conversion rates blowing any other metric out the water in terms of keyword profitability.

As such, Webmasters can know which keywords yield the most organic traffic through their SEO, and which keywords breed the greatest revenue through analysis of conversion rates using PPC. Applied together in a single marketing campaign, and the brand in question will see a far greater return on investment.

All down, to sound management, analytical aptitude and the recognition that a multi-layered strategy is the most effective way of running a successful marketing campaign.


We have ascertained that while SEOs ought not to create content, we can point our content marketing staff in the right direction through our experience. We’ve employed these guys because we recognise their specific set of skills whether that be in writing, editing, graphic design etc. They are more than capable of producing top quality content – that’s why we hired them.

We as SEOs are experts within our own niche – we provide a valuable, unique service. But we cannot offer a comprehensive service, founded on top quality content, without recognising the need to delegate tasks amongst a skilled workforce.

Moreover, we cannot enhance our link-building capabilities without the existence of top quality content. It’s all about a fluid, dynamic system by which my team for one strives to adhere too. The bigger picture; the overarching objectives – this should always be kept in mind.

Well, carry on then.

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Samir Kadri is a content writer and co-editor for the Just SEO newsroom. Having run a multitude of social media campaigns over the past few years, he is hugely knowledgeable about how to generate a buzz worldwide, and regularly writes news and advice on the area of social media marketing.

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