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Russel Brand Helps to Steal Election Win for Ed Milliband!

Russel Brand Helps to Steal Election Win for Ed Milliband!

by Philip Armstrong5th May 2015

Russel Brand has used his massive social media reach to promote Labour and assist Ed Milliband in becoming the next prime minister

With the combination of his Youtube channel which has 1.1 million subscribers, his Facebook page which has 3.4 million likes, and his Twitter account with a staggering 9.6 million followers; Russel is able to reach and potentially influence as much as 20% of the UK’s public.

Many of Russel’s followers/viewers are young disillusioned Brits who have an inherent distrust of the political system and who see him as a voice of reason.

So, how has Russel been using his immense social media reach to promote Labour?

It started with an interview

As part of his “Trews election” Russel invited Ed into his kitchen to discuss Labour’s stance on a variety of different issues, and during the interview Russel agreed with many of Ed’s points:

Ed Milliband: “Without politics, without government, change doesn’t happen, you know – that’s what happens in a democratic society”

Russel Brand: “Absolutely!”

See the excerpt here:

This is in stark contrast to Russel’s pervious stance – which is that change should occur as a result of revolution and a rejection of the current political system we have in place, as shown in the video excerpt below:

Through his artful and impassioned rhetoric, Russel has managed to build an enormous following of disenfranchised potential voters, many of whom will have tuned in to watch the interview.


Crticism of the Conservatives and Lib Dems

No politcal campaign is complete without a healthy dose of mud slinging, and many of Russel’s videos have thus been critical of both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, with titles such as “Are The Lib Dems The Most Pointless Party”, and “David Cameron is Threatening Your Children – NO JOKE!”:

In addition, intermingled with promotions for his new film The Emperors New cloths, are tweets like the following:


The “Emergency Vote to Start Revolution”

Finally Russel titled his last video “Emergency: Vote to Start Revolution”, a title designed with the sole objective of baiting clicks, in which he went on to make a plea to vote for the Democrats:

This is a colossal U-turn with the objective of transforming his rebellious and loyal follower into a legion of Labour supporters.

With more people registering to vote than ever before, and over 700,000 of them falling between the ages of 18 and 24 (many of whom may have been planning to vote Green or a protest party), Russel’s plea may well have a huge impact on the result of the elections.

However, even with his large reach as a celebrity and Youtuber, Russel’s final plea may not have as large an impact as one might predict.


David Cameron says Russel is a joke

Russel Brand is a comedian by trade, so defining him as a joke isn’t too much of a stretch; but it can’t be denied that Russel is a powerful influence. Neverless Cameron appears unworried, seeing Russel as nothing more than an entertainer:


Russel Brand has contradicted himself

By taking the stance that voters should abstain from voting (he himself claims to have never voted), many of Russel’s followers may not have even registered to vote and thus cannot take his advice.

comments from youtube

Also crucial, is that by changing stance, and going from a figure who argued for a revolution and who rejected our political system to someone who is now fervently promoting one of the main-stream parties, Russel has lost crediblity with many of this followers:

goes against his principles

Ironically Brand will appear to many as being more chameleon like than the politicians he has consistently critcised in the past, as expressed by this commenter:

final comment

And to you the reader: what are your thoughts, do you believe Russel has been duplicitous here or does he just want to see what he believes to be the best possible outcome in this election?

And with Russel on board to help Ed steal the election, will he succeed?

Leave your comments below!

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  • Geoff
    5th May 2015 at 6:36 pm

    Yeah I think he has been a sellout, and Cameron is right he is a joke. He tells people not to vote on the one hand and then a few days before voting tells people to vote Labour? Stick to doing stand up Russel

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