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Outrage as New Slang Words are Officially Added to Scrabble Book – Has This Ruined Scrabble Forever?

Outrage as New Slang Words are Officially Added to Scrabble Book – Has This Ruined Scrabble Forever?

by Ben Wittams-Smith21st May 2015

The new version of Collin’s Official Scrabble Words includes 6,500 new terms, including slang and txt variants of words, such as Bezzy, Twerking and Lolz

When arguments invariably arise over which words are acceptable for use, Scrabble players will turn to the Collin’s Official Scrabble book, and some of those players will be shocked to find a number of new slang terms that have been incorporated into the game:

If you’re ready to feel old, let’s take a look at some of the new slang terms to enter the new Scrabble book:
  • Lotsa – lots of (5 points)
  • Newb – newbie, which is a slang term itself (9 points)
  • Obvs – this one should be obvious (9 points)
  • Bezzy – a lame way of referring to your best friend (18 points)
  • Wuz – just another way to spell “was” if you prefer U’s to A’s (15 points)
  • Ridic – as in, these new words are ridiculous (8 points)


As is the nature of slang, some of these words are very current and may go out of use in as little as a few years:
  • Shizzle – meaning “sure” or “sh*t” in US rap slang (18 points)
  • Twerking – provocative female hip thrusting (16 points)
  • Dench – nice, often used in combination with “Judi” (11 points)
  • Cakehole – mouth (17 points)
  • Cakeages – restaurant charge for bringing your own birthday cake (15 points)
  • Showrooming – admiring clothes in brick and mortar stores and then buying them for cheaper online on your smartphone (20 points)

Older generations might feel slightly excluded when they’re left having to look-up the meaning of twerking. Or perhaps they might find it even more entertaining than playing a more traditional game of scrabble?

Do you think inclusion of these new slang words improves the game, or ruins it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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