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Yahoo and Bing’s Search Alliance Has Finally Been Amended

Yahoo and Bing’s Search Alliance Has Finally Been Amended

by Ben Wittams-Smith16th April 2015

After a long negotiation, Yahoo and Bing have come to an agreement regarding their search relationship – an agreement that allows Yahoo the right to serve search ads


Today Microsoft and Yahoo revealed that they had finalised negotiations around their new relationship. The new contract will allow both companies more independence from each other, and his been presented in the press release as being “win-win”.

The release describes the modified agreement as such: “Yahoo will now have increased flexibility to enhance the search experience on any platform, since the partnership is non-exclusive for both desktop and mobile. Yahoo will continue to serve Bing ads and search results for a majority of its desktop search traffic . . .
[T]he update increases agility and sales focus. Microsoft will become the exclusive salesforce for ads delivered by Microsoft’s Bing Ads platform, while Yahoo will continue to be the exclusive salesforce for Yahoo’s Gemini ads platform.”


Yahoo Will Be Able to Sell Its Gemini Ads

Yahoo will have the ability to sell its Gemini ads across mobile and desktop platforms. Yahoo will also go on serving predominantly Bing ads on the PC (whether there is a specific quote for this that needs to be reached is unclear).

yahoo gemini


As Yahoo will be serving both Gemini and Bing ads, it will be interesting to see which are given priority in the desktop search results.

The commercial side of the ads will remain unchanged, and the search partners will continue to share the revenue from ad sales.

Who Has Gained The Most Out of The Agreement

The new agreement has been presented as a win-win, but who is the bigger winner? Yahoo has given up some of the control of their ad sales – but at the same time have gained the opportunity to begin selling its own ads in its search results.

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