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Wolfram Alpha Launches Image Identification Search Engine With Advanced AI

Wolfram Alpha Launches Image Identification Search Engine With Advanced AI

by Ben Wittams-Smith14th May 2015

Wolfram Alpha’s new image identification search engine is able to linguistically identify the content of images – but how accurate is it?

Reverse image search is a useful tool that many search engines have bee developing for the past few years. Uploading an image to Google’s image search will generate numerous results of where that image appears online, but Wolfram Aplpha’s tool newly launched image works a bit differently.

Revealing the content of the image

Drag and drop the image of your choice and will attempt to decipher the content of the image.

Lets look at an example of something easy like… a cat! (all search engines should know what a cat is:

cat ss

Not bad! More information than I was expecting.

Now let’s try something a little more challenging:

rubix ss

OK, so not so hot on things of a more abstract nature.

How about one of the most recognisable images known to man


Wrong again. It looks like the new reverse image identification tool still needs a lot of work; but at least there’s the option to tell imageidentify how it did, allowing the AI learn over-time and improve.

Has anyone found any complex/abstract images that the new tool has been able to identify? Let us know in the comments below!

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