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The Adult FriendFinder Hack that Threatens the Privacy of the Politicians and Celebrities Across the World

The Adult FriendFinder Hack that Threatens the Privacy of the Politicians and Celebrities Across the World

by Ben Wittams-Smith3rd June 2015

A Thai Hacker Has Released Private User Information from Adult FriendFinder of Influential Politicians

A Bangkok based hacker named ROR(RG) who found his way into Adult FriendFinder’s database has released a wealth of embarrassing and potentially harmful information about the extreme sexual preferences of a number of politicians and celebrities across the world.

Adult FriendFinder has around 63 million users world-wide, and hackers have access to usernames, emails, DOB, IP addresses, post codes, and of course sexual orientation.

The release of this information has been potentially career ruining for those affected.

Those affected include

  • 16 congressman & two senators who were revealed as being interested in BDSM and homosexual hookups.
  • 1,420 Fortune 500 executives and 230,000 of their employees.
  • Two pastors
  • 120,000 employees from the US Federal Government
  • 650 members of the UK parliament
  • 3.8 million users in the general public who have had their user information leaked online

Victim: Shaun Harper’s Story

One individual who had his personal information published online describes the horror he faced:

The site seemed OK, but when I got into it I realised it wasn’t really for me, I was looking for something longer term.

‘But by that time I’d already given my information. You couldn’t get into the site without handing over information.

‘I deleted my account, so I thought the information had gone. These sites are meant to be secure.’

Victims like Shaun Harper face the threat of black mail and extortion from the unscrupulous hacker.


Who is the hacker named ROR?

ROR is a member of the Rich Gang (RG) – an unyielding clan of hackers whose sole aim to make money through their online exploits. The wealth of Adult FriendFinder information ROR acquired was sold for a meagre 70 Bitcoins ($16,807 USD).

John McAfee Discusses the hackers, their motives, and the effects of their attacks

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