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Say Goodbye to Google Webmaster Tools & Say Hello to Search Console

Say Goodbye to Google Webmaster Tools & Say Hello to Search Console

by Ben Wittams-Smith21st May 2015

Google has recently changed the name of their Webmaster Tools to the Wider Encompassing name: Search Console

After ten years of being known as Google Webmaster Tools, why the sudden change? Many Webmasters (I guess we will have to call them website owners now) will be confused by this change, and will likely continue referring to Google’s online interface as Webmaster Tools for some time to come.


Making Webmaster Tools More Inclusive

The name Webmaster Tools was, according to Google, too limited in its description of the functionality available. Webmaster Tools is for Webmasters, but it is also used by:

  • bloggers
  • small business owners
  • bloggers
  • SEOs
  • app developers

Google did not want these different segments of its potential user-base to feel excluded.

The only thing Google appears to have changed is the name. Search Console is exactly the same as Webmaster Tools. Google is, however, always adding new features to Webmaster Tools… I mean, Search Console.

What do you think about the new name Google have chosen? Do you think it sounds better or that it will make more users feel included? Let us know in the comments below.

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