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iOS vs Android

iOS vs Android

by Curtis Brereton15th October 2015

For 8 years running now, Apple’s iOS and Android have been competing with each other for the best mobile operating system money can buy. The majority of people will name Apple when asked who made the first step in creating the first mobile operating system.

However, much to my surprise, after doing my research I found that androids operating systems development traces back to 2003, whereas apples first version of iOS landed in 2007. But the point remains that it was the handsets that both parties released that defined both organizations and placed them on the pedestals they are currently on.

At first glance, as many people would agree with me, Apple created the slicker, easy to use phone while android attempted to take the market by storm by creating a powerful mobile. As we all know, they were adaptable, but confusing for first time users.

But of late, both companies have consistently delivered stable, smooth running handsets that are loaded with various different applications. Most are even loaded with anti-malware software to make sure your mobile experience stays safe.

But the questions still remains, which company does it better?



You cannot choose between these two mobile creating monsters by just looking at the hardware. Years ago, if you gave the general public the choice between an iPhone and an Android phone, I think the majority would have definitely chosen the iPhone, which is outstanding seen as Android ranges over a large amount of different handsets whereas iOS is only used by apple products.

But of late, I think it’s more than safe to say, that the two are level headed, but choosing between the two all depends on your personal preference.

Samsung, who play a big part in androids plans, have a wide array of sizes and can bring much to the table from a ‘tech freak’s’ point of view. Whereas HTC, who use Dr Dre’s ‘Beats’ technology, bring a better experience for users who like music.

As well as this, android phones use less expensive parts, making it easier on the user to replace them. Many of the android handsets come with a wide selection of colours and sizes that will cover any person’s needs.

Apple have always kept the same level of quality with their products, especially when it comes to the look. They are very smooth, slick looking handsets that are loaded with great specs, and as well as this these phones are very well balanced, despite the rumours of the iPhone 6’s “bendy” issue, all other iPhones have been very durable.

My personal opinion for the hardware would be the iPhone and to be honest, it is very hard to explain why, they seem to have the right weight, and look. The look that Android seem to be missing out. However, Samsung have created the new S6 edge which, I must say, is a very attractive looking handset, so there is no telling how things can change in this department in the next couple of years.



Over time, both Android and iOS have developed an operating system that brings both quick and effective service to the user. Especially with features such as Siri and S voice.

There is not one app that you can get on the iPhone that you cannot get through the various Android operating systems, or at least an app that is similar in every way. It goes both ways, Google apps has thousands of different apps, all of which are available to iOS users.

Coming from somebody who has had access to both of these incredible operating systems, I must say that there is not much to pick between the two. Apple, as always, like to keep everything safe,  restricting certain types of downloads while on the other hand Android allow you to take full control of your mobile experience.

Customer service


Now this is the aspect where the two of these devices take a different route. Apple as we all know, have got an unrivalled level of customer service, damage your iPhone and its either free to replace or next to nothing to fix, and there are no issues for over the phone customer support as all the service agents are well versed in the English language.

In most parts of the country, you are only an hour away from an apple support centre.

Android on the other hand, have not got the same reputation. I would say that if you are looking for an investment with the phone you choose, you should probably turn to an iPhone.


When it comes to holding their value, android devices in the past have not done so well, however of late they are slowly catching apple when it comes to resale. Apple have always had the crazy ability to keep the resale value of the devices they make. You should always consider selling on any old apple handsets you have as they do hold value (providing they are in good condition).

Ultimately, it all falls down to your personal preference; the specs on these high end phones tend to be very similar and so it will be your mind set and taste that will really push you towards one or the other.

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